The Thames has a history that extends back thousands of years before the Romans – with Iron Age and Bronze Age artefacts having been found in the water and along its banks.

The section of river below relates to the old Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey – which started at London Bridge and extended east to include Rotherhithe and the Surrey Commercial Docks. Notes on the entire river bank are under construction.

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Since the 1970s many of the old warehouses and wharf names have just vanished. Wharves have been demolished and new developments now stand in their place. Very often the new buildings have a new name and the old name of the original wharf has been lost.

Some of the old warehouses remain – now usually converted into apartments – but they are a reminder of the past when the Thames was so busy with lighters and cranes and men toiling as they loaded or unloaded goods beside the river.
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Cherry Garden Stairs
Elephant Stairs