Abbey Wood Station
Crossness Pumping Station
Lesnes (Derivation)
Lesnes Abbey


Bett's Park, Anerley
Bromley Common - Milestone (11 Miles)
Bromley High Street - Milestone (9 Miles)
Crystal Palace Parade
Crystal Palace Park
Crystal Palace Transmitter
Crystal Palace, Sydenham Hill
Farnborough - Milestone (14 Miles)
Hastings Road - Milestone (13 Miles)
Kent House Tavern, Thesiger Road, Penge
Penge   +
Penge (Administration) +
Penge (Derivation) +
Penge Police Station +i
Pneumatic Railway
Route from Lewisham to Bromley - Bromley
S_t John the Evangelist, Penge
Spring Brook +
St Olave's Grammar School
Thicket Tavern, Anerley Hill +i
Vicar's Oak --- CAMB
Watermen's & Lightermen's Asylum, Penge +i

Cam - Hamp

Belsize Park
Bull & Bush PH +
Burgh House
Church Row +i
Downshire Hill +i
Fenton House
Flask Tavern, Hampstead
Flask Walk +i
Hampstead Heath +i
Hampstead High Street
Hampstead Town Hall +
Hampstead Wells
Hampstead, Manor of +
Haverstock Hill - Milestone
Heath Street +i
Holly Bush Hill +i
Jack Straw's Castle +i
Keat's Grove +i
Kilburn Priory
North End Way +i
Primrose Hill
S_t John, Downshire Hill +i
S_t John, Hampstead
South End Road +i
Spaniard's Tavern +
Well Walk
Whitestone Pond - Milestone

Cam - Holb

Albert (Statue) [FLEE]
Angel PH
Bedford Place
Bedford Row
Bedford Square
Birkbeck College +
Black Swan Inn, Holborn
Bloomsbury +i
Bloomsbury Square
Bloomsbury, Manor of
British Museum
British Museum - Great Court
Cabmen's Shelter, Russell Square
Camden, London Borough of +
Central St Giles (Dev)
Centre Point
Centre Point - High_Views
Chancery Court Hotel
Chancery Lane [COMM]
Charlotte (Statue)
Chichester Inn
Christopher Hatton PH, Leather Lane
Cittie of Yorke PH
Cosmo Place
Drury Lane [COMM] +
Ely House
Ely Place
Fleet, River [COMM]
Freemason's Hall +
French Hospital, Holborn +
Gray's Inn
Gray's Inn Road +i
Great Ormond Street
Hatton Garden (Street)
Hatton House
High Holborn +i
Holborn (A) +
Holborn (Derivation) +
Holborn (Street) [COMM]
Holborn +
Holborn Bars [COMM]
Holborn Place [FLEE]
Holborn Town Hall
Holborn Viaduct [FLEE]
Holborn, Manor of
Holborn, Metropolitan Borough of +
Hospital for Sick Children
Italian Hospital
Kingsway [COMM]
Lamb PH, Lamb's Conduit Street +i
Lamb's Conduit [COMM]
Lamb's Conduit, Lamb's Conduit Street
Leather Lane
Lincoln's Inn
Lincoln's Inn Chapel
Lincoln's Inn Fields
Lincoln's Inn Hall (New)
Lincoln's Inn Hall (Old)
London Silver Vaults +
London University
MidCity Place
Mitre Tavern, Ely Court, Ye Olde
Montagu House, Bloomsbury +
Old Temple, Holborn +i
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Procession +
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain +i
Portpool, Manor of
Prudential Assurance Co --- FLEE
Queen Square
Queen's Larder PH
Red Lion Square +
Russell Hotel
Russell Square
S_t Andrew, Holborn, Parochial School of
S_t Etheldreda Chapel
S_t George the Martyr, Queen Square
S_t George, Bloomsbury Way
S_t Giles (Area) +
S_t Giles in the Fields
S_t Giles in the Fields Hospital
S_t Peter's Italian Church
Scrope's Inn
Seven Dials +
Ship Tavern, Gate Street, Holborn
Sicilian Avenue
Silchester, Roman Road to - Holborn
Smith, James & Son   +
Soane's House Museum +i
Southampton Row
Space House
Staple Inn
Theobalds Road +i
Torrington Square +
Tottenham Court Road Station

Cam - Stpp

Archway Road
Archway Road - High_Views
Bagnigge Wells
Battlebridge (Derivation)
Betjamin, John (Statue)
British Library +
Brunswick Centre +
Brunswick Square +
BT Tower --- Post Office Tower
Cabmen's Shelter, Tavistock Square
Camden Lock --- Hampstead Road Lock
Camden Lock Market
Camden Town +
Cantelowes, Manor of +
Chalk Farm (Derivation) +
Chalk Farm, Manor of +
Christ the King (RC) Church +
Cleveland Street Workhouse
Colonnade, The +i
Coram's Fields --- Foundling Hospital
Cromwell House
Dickens' Museum +
Euston (Derivation) +
Euston Station
Euston Tower
Euston Tower - High_Views (John Dickins)
Fitzroy Square
Flask PH, Highgate
Fleet (Derivation) [COMM] +
Fleet, River [COMM] +
Foundling Hospital
Foundling Hospital Art Gallery
Gate House PH --- Olde Gate House Tav
George IV (Statue) +
Gordon Square +
Grafton Arms PH, Grafton Way +i
Grove, The
Hampstead Road Lock (01)
Hawley Lock (02)
Highgate (Derivation)
Highgate +
Highgate Archway --- Archway Road
Highgate Cemetery (New) +
Highgate Cemetery (Old)
Highgate Chapel
Highgate High Street
Highgate Hill
Highgate Hill - High Hills
Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution
Highgate School
Kentish Town (Derivation) +
Kentish Town +
Kentish Town Lock (03)
Kenwood House
King's Cross (Derivation) +
King's Cross Station
Lauderdale House
Mecklenburg Square +
Meeting Place (Public Art)
Mother Red Cap PH, Camden High St +
New Road [COMM]
Olde Gate House Tavern, Ye
Parliament Hill   +
Pond Square --- South Grove
Post Office Tower
Post Office Tower - High_Views
Primrose Hill   +
Primrose Hill - High_Views
Regent's Canal [COMM] +
Royal Free Hospital +
Rug Moor, Manor of +
S_t John the Baptist, Kentish Town +
S_t Joseph's Retreat
S_t Katharine, Royal College of +
S_t Michael, Highgate
S_t Pancras (A)
S_t Pancras (Area) +
S_t Pancras (Derivation) +
S_t Pancras (New Church)
S_t Pancras (Old Church)
S_t Pancras Hotel +
S_t Pancras Lock (04)
S_t Pancras Lock (04) - Below +
S_t Pancras Station
S_t Pancras Town Hall +
S_t Pancras, Manor of +
S_t Pancras, Metropolitan Borough of
Sainsbury's, Camden Town
Somers Town +
South Grove, Highgate
Stanestaple, Manor of +
Stephenson, Robert (Statue) +i
Tavistock Square +
Tottenham Court (Derivation) +
Tottenham Court, Manor of
University College
University College - Bentham, Jeremy
University College Hospital (New) +
University College Hospital (Old) +i
Waterlow Park
Waterlow, Sydney (Statue)
Wellcome Trust +
Whittington Stone
Woburn Walk
Wollaston Pauncefort Almshouses

Cit - Alpo

Aldgate (Gate)
Aldgate (Street)  +i
Aldgate (Ward)
Aldgate Bars [COMM]
Aldgate High Street
Aldgate Pump
America Square, One
Baltic Exchange, St Mary Axe
Basketmakers' Hall
Bevis Marks  Synagogue
Bevis Marks (Street)
Blanche Appleton
Bricklayers' Hall
Bury Street Synagogue
City Ditch [COMM]
City Ditch, Houndsditch
Cooper's Row
Crutched Friars (Priory)
Crutched Friars (Street)
Cutlers Gardens
Fenchurch Street [COMM]
Fenchurch Street Station
Fletchers' Hall
French Ordinary Court
Great Synagogue, Duke's Place
Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate
Hoop & Grapes Tavern, Aldgate High Street
Houndsditch [COMM]
Ironmongers' Hall, Billiter Street
Jewry Street
Knightengild (Public Art)
Leadenhall Street [COMM]
Lloyd's Insurance, Lime Street
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Minerva Building
Minories - Roman Eagle
Mitre Square
Paleys Upon Pilers (Public Art)  +
Petticoat Lane Market [COMM]
Port of London Authority Warehouses
Portsoken (Ward)
Roman Wall [COMM]
Roman Wall, Aldgate
Roman Wall, Cooper's Row
S_t Andrew Undershaft
S_t Augustine Papey +
S_t Botolph, Aldgate
S_t Clare, Abbey of [STEP]
S_t James, Duke's Place
S_t Katherine Coleman
S_t Katherine Cree
S_t Katherine Cree Churchyard
S_t Martin Outwich Churchyard
S_t Mary Axe (Street) [COMM]
S_t Mary Axe, 30
Sir John Cass College
Sir John Cass Foundation School
Tower Gateway DLR Station
Tower Hill
Trinity House, Tower Hill
Verzelini Glassworks +
Willis Building

Cit - Blim

All Hallows Staining
Aviva Tower
Barclay's --- Lombard Street, 54
Bell Inn Yard --- Cross Keys Inn
Bell Inn, Gracechurch Street
Bellerophon Taming Pegasus (Public Art)
Bethlehem Hospital, Bishopsgate
Bishops Square --- 'STEP'
Bishopsgate (Gate)
Bishopsgate (Street)
Bishopsgate (Ward)
Bishopsgate Bars [COMM]
Bishopsgate Churchyard +i
Bishopsgate Institute
Bishopsgate Station
Bishopsgate Tower
Bishopsgate, 6-8
Bishopsgate, 99
Bishopsgate, 135
Bishopsgate, 201 --- Broadgate Tower
Black Bull Inn, Bishopsgate
Broad Family, The (Public Art)
Broad Street Station
Broadgate Circle
Broadgate Tower
Broadgate Venus (Public Art)
Bull Inn, Bishopsgate --- Black Bull Inn
Bull's Head Passage
Catherine Wheel Inn  +i
Cheesegrater --- Leadenhall Building
City of London Tavern
Cock Tavern, Bishopsgate
Coopers' Hall
Crosby Court (Dev)
Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate
Cross Keys Inn, Gracechurch Street
Dirty Dick's Tavern, Bishopsgate
Docwra, William --- London Penny Post
East India House
East London Aquarium  +
Ede & Ravenscroft
Exchange House
Exchange Square
Exchange Square, 10
Fenchurch Street [COMM]
Fenchurch Street, 20 (Dev 1968)
Fenchurch Street, 20 (Dev 2010)
Four Swans Inn, Bishopsgate  +
Fulcrum (Public Art)
Ganapathi & Devi (Public Art
Gibson Hall
Gilt of Cain (Public Art)  +
Go Between (Public Art)
Gracechurch Street - Inn Yard Stages
Gracechurch Street [COMM]
Great Eastern Hotel
Green Dragon Inn, Bishopsgate
Hamilton Hall PH
Hare & Bell (Public Art) +
Helter Skelter --- Bishopsgate Tower
Heron Tower
Kinder Transport (Public Art)
Langbourn (Ward) [COMM]
Leaden Hall +i
Leadenhall Building
Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Street [COMM]
Leadenhall Street, 122
Leathersellers' Hall [COMM]
Lime Street (Ward) +i
Lime Street [COMM]
Limebank House
Lines of Communication (Public Art)
Liverpool Street Station
Lloyd's Insurance, Leadenhall Street
Lloyd's Insurance, Leadenhall Street - High_Views
Lombard Street, 54
London Penny Post
London Tavern --- City of London Tavern
London Workhouse, Bishopsgate
Magpie PH +i
Mail Coach PH +i
New Moon PH, Gracechurch Street +i
Penny Post --- London Penny Post
Petticoat Lane Market [COMM] +
Pewterers' Hall, Lime Street
Philpot Lane [COMM]
Pindar House +i
Pinnacle --- Bishopsgate Tower
Roman Wall [COMM] +
Rush Hour (Public Art) +
S_t Botolph, Bishopsgate
S_t Dionis Backchurch
S_t Ethelburga the Virgin
S_t Gabriel, Fenchurch Street
S_t Helen (Church)
S_t Helen, Priory of
S_t James in the Wall Hermitage [COMM]
S_t Mary Axe (Church) +i
S_t Mary Axe (Street) [COMM]
S_t Mary of Bethlehem, Priory of
S_t Mary Spital --- 'STEP'
Ship PH, Talbot Court
Spread Eagle Inn, Gracechurch Street
Swan Tavern, Gracechurch Street
Talbot Court --- Ship PH, Talbot Court
Turkish Baths, Bishopsgate
Walkie Talkie Building --- Fenchurch Street, 20
White Hart Tavern, Bishopsgate

Cit - Bril

Adelaide House
Bawley Fishing Boat (Weather-vane)
Billingsgate (Dock)
Billingsgate (Gate)
Billingsgate (Ward)
Billingsgate Fish Market, Lower Thames Street
Botolph Alley
Bridge Within (Ward)
Butchers' Hall
Coal Exchange
Doggett's Coat and Badge Race
Eastcheap (Market)
Fish Street Hill
Fishmongers' Hall
Gracechurch Street [COMM]
Gracechurch Street Market
Great Fire [COMM]
King William Street [COMM]
Legal Quays [COMM]
Londinium - Riverfront
London Bridge [COMM] +
Lovat Lane
Lower Thames Street [COMM]
Monument Street
Monument Underground Station
Monument, The
Monument, The - High_Views (Internet)
New Fresh Wharf +i
Northern & Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street
Old Swan Pier
Old Swan Tavern, Upper Thames Street
Philpot Lane [COMM]
Pudding Lane
Roman Baths, Lower Thames Street --- 'TOWE'
Roman Wall [COMM] +
S_t Andrew Hubbard
S_t Benet, Gracechurch Street
S_t Botolph, Billingsgate
S_t George, Botolph Lane
S_t Leonard, Eastcheap
S_t Magnus House
S_t Magnus the Martyr
S_t Margaret Pattens
S_t Margaret, New Fish Street
S_t Mary at Hill (Church)
S_t Mary at Hill (Street)
Ship PH, Talbot Court --- BLIM
Thames Riverfront
Three Quays
Waltham Inn
Watermen's Hall, St Mary at Hill

Cit - Broc

All Hallows, London Wall
Angel Court, One
Armourers' and Brasiers' Hall
Austin Friars (Street)
Austin Friars Priory
Baltic Coffee House
Baltic Exchange, South Sea House
Bank of England
Bethlehem Hospital, Moorfields
Britannic House
Britannic House, 1 Finsbury Circus
Broad St & Coleman St (A)
Broad Street (Ward)
Carpenters' Hall
Chartered Accountants' Hall +i
City Ditch [COMM]
City Ditch, Moorgate
City of London Club
City Point
City Point - High_Views
Coleman Street
Coleman Street (Ward)
Coleman Street, 1
Cromwell's House
Drapers Gardens (Dev 1967)
Drapers Gardens (Dev 2009)
Drapers' Hall [COMM]
Dutch Church, Austin Friars
Finsbury Circus
Founders' Hall, Lothbury
Frederick's Place
French Church, Threadneedle St
Furniture Makers' Hall
Great Synagogue, Old Jewry
Great Winchester Street +
Gresham College [COMM] +
Gresham House
Leathersellers' Hall [COMM] +
London Wall (Street) [COMM]
Lothbury, No 7
Masons Avenue
Merchant Taylors' Hall [COMM]
Moor House
Moorgate (Gate)
Moorgate (Street)
Nat West Tower
Old Broad Street
Old Broad Street, 125
Old Jewry [COMM]
Olde Doctor Butler's Head PH, Masons' Avenue, Ye
Paulet House +
Peabody, George (Statue)
Princes Street
Roman Wall - All Hallows, London Wall
Roman Wall - Broc
Roman Wall - Outline [COMM]
S_t Anthony (Church), Threadneedle St
S_t Anthony Brotherhood and Hospital
S_t Anthony School +p
S_t Bartholomew by the Exchange
S_t Benet Fink
S_t Christopher le Stocks
S_t Margaret, Lothbury
S_t Martin Outwich
S_t Olave, Old Jewry
S_t Peter le Poer
S_t Stephen Coleman
Soane,John (Statue)
South Sea House
Stock Exchange - Early Days
Stock Exchange (Outline)
Stock Exchange Tower
Stock Exchange, Capel Court
Threadneedle Street
Threadneedle Street, 60
Throgmorton Avenue
Throgmorton Street
Tower 42 --- Nat West Tower
Walbrook, River [COMM]

Cit - Cafa

Alexandra Bridge [COMM]
Anne (Statue)
Apothecaries' Hall
Baynard Castle PH, Queen Victoria Street
Baynard House
Baynard's Castle
Bishop's Palace --- London House
Black Friar Tavern, Queen Victoria Street
Blackfriars Railway Bridge [COMM]
Blackfriars Station
Blackfriars Underpass --- FLEE
Blackfriars' Priory, Carter Lane
Carter Lane
Castle Baynard (Ward)
Central Criminal Court
Chapter House (Medieval Site)
Chapter House (Present)
Cheapside, 150
Christ Church, Newgate
Christ's Hospital
City Information Centre
City of London School, Queen Victoria Street
Cockpit PH,
College of Arms
Cutlers' Hall, Warwick Lane
Doctors' Commons
Eleanor Cross, Cheapside
Faraday Building
Farringdon (Ward)
Farringdon Within (Ward)
Firefighters (Memorial)
Fleet (Derivation)
Fleet, River [COMM]
Grange St Paul's Hotel
Greyfriars' Priory
Heat Sink, Paternoster Square
King Edward Street
London House
Ludgate (Gate) [COMM]
Ludgate Gaol
Ludgate Hill [COMM]
Marconi, Guglielmo (Plaque)
Mermaid Theatre
Millennium Bridge [COMM]
Mountfichet's Tower
New Bridge Street
Newgate (Gate) [COMM]
Newgate Gaol
Newgate Market
Newgate Street
Newgate Street Clock
Oxford Arms Inn +
Pageantmaster Court
Panyer Alley
Paternoster Square - Pillar
Paternoster Square (1967)
Paternoster Square (2003)
Paternoster Square, 10
Peter's Hill
Physicians, Royal College of, Warwick Lane
Puddle Dock
Puddle Dock, 2 (Dev)
Queen Victoria Street [COMM]
Roman Wall [COMM]
S_t Andrew by the Wardrobe
S_t Andrew's Hill
S_t Anne, Blackfriars
S_t Augustine, Watling Street
S_t Benet, Paul's Wharf
S_t Faith under St Paul's
S_t Gregory by St Paul's
S_t Martin, Ludgate
S_t Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street
S_t Matthew, Friday Street
S_t Michael le Querne
S_t Nicholas Shambles
S_t Paul's Cathedral
S_t Paul's Cathedral - Choir School (New) +i
S_t Paul's Cathedral - Choir School (Old) +i
S_t Paul's Cathedral - Deanery +i
S_t Paul's Churchyard +i
S_t Paul's Cross +
S_t Paul's School, City of London
S_t Peter, Westcheap
S_t Vedast, Foster Lane
Saddlers' Hall
Stationers' Hall
Stock Exchange --- Paternoster Square, 10
Temple Bar [COMM]
Temple Bar, Paternoster Square
Times (Newspaper), Printing House Square +
Wardrobe, The
Warwick Lane +
Watling Street, City of London [COMM]

Cit - Coca

Abchurch Lane +i
All Hallows, Lombard Street +i
Bank DLR Station
Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap +i
Candlewick (Ward) +i
Cannon Street [COMM]
Change Alley
Clement's Lane
Cornhill (Street)
Cornhill (Ward) +i
Cornhill Pump
Cross Keys Inn --- BLIM
Finch Lane +i
Garraway's Coffee House, Change Alley
General Post Office, Lombard Street
George & Vulture Tavern, Lombard Street
Greathead, James (Statue)
House of Fraser
Jamaica Wine House --- Pasqua Rosee's Head
Jonathan's Coffee House, Change Alley
King William Street [COMM]
King's Arms Tavern, Change Alley
Langbourn (Ward) [COMM]
Laurence Pountney Hill [COMM]
Laurence Pountney Lane [COMM]
Lloyd's Bank - Lombard Street
Lloyd's Coffee House, Lombard Street
Lombard Court
Lombard Street
Martin Lane
Martin's Bank +i
Olde Wine Shades, The
Pasqua Rosee's Head
Peabody, George (Statue) [BROC]
Plough Court
Pope's Head Alley +i
Post Office Court --- General Post Office, Lombard Street
Reuter, Paul (Statue)
Royal Exchange
Royal Exchange - Electric Telegraph
S_t Clement, Eastcheap
S_t Edmund the King, Lombard Street
S_t Lawrence Pountney
S_t Martin Orgar
S_t Mary Abchurch
S_t Mary Woolnoth
S_t Michael, Cornhill
S_t Michael, Crooked Lane +i
S_t Michael's Alley +i
S_t Nicholas Acon +i
S_t Peter, Cornhill
S_t Peter's Alley
Simpsons Tavern
Standard, Cornhill
Union Discount Company
Wellington (Statue)

Cit - Crib

Alban Gate --- London Wall, 125
Aldermanbury Square, 5
All Hallows, Honey Lane
Athelstan's Palace
Barber Surgeons' Hall
Barbican Centre
Basinghall Street
Bassishaw (Ward)
Blackwell Hall
Bowyers' Hall +p
Bread Street
Brewers' Hall
Chartered Insurance Institute
Cheap (Ward)
Cheapside [COMM]
Cheapside, 107
City Ditch [COMM]
City Ditch, Cripplegate
City of London School, Milk Street
Coopers' Hall [COMM]
Cripplegate (Gate)
Cripplegate (Ward)
Cripplegate Fort
Cripplegate Fort - West Gate
Cripplegate, Cheap & Bassishaw (A)
Cross Keys Inn, Wood Street
Eleanor Cross, Cheapside [CAFA]
Elsing Spital
Ethelbert's Palace
Fore Street [COMM]
Foster Lane [COMM]
Friday Street [COMM]
Girdlers' Hall
Great Conduit - Cheapside
Gresham Street [COMM]
Gresham Street, 25
Gresham Street, 30
Grocers' Hall [COMM]
Guildhall Art Gallery
Guildhall Library
Haberdashers' Hall, Staining Lane
Honey Lane
Ironmonger Lane
Ironmongers' Hall - Aldersgate Street
Jews' Garden
King Street, City of London
Little Conduit in Westcheap
London Wall (Street) [COMM]
London Wall, 125
London Wall, One
Loriners' Hall
Masons' Hall
Mercers' Hall
Midland Bank, Poultry
Mikveh, Milk Street
Milk Street
Offa's Palace
Old Jewry [COMM]
Old Jewry, 1
Plaisterers' Hall
Poultry (Street)
Poultry, No 1
Princes Street +i - CHECK AREA OF STUDY
Roman Baths, Cheapside
Roman Wall - 'Spares'
Roman Wall - Barbican
Roman Wall - Fore Street
Roman Wall - Museum of London +i
Roman Wall - Outline [COMM]
Roman Wall [COMM]
S_t Alban, Wood Street
S_t Alphage, London Wall
S_t Benet Sherehog
S_t Giles, Cripplegate
S_t James in the Wall Hermitage [COMM]
S_t Lawrence, Jewry
S_t Martin Pomary
S_t Mary Colechurch
S_t Mary Magdalene, Milk Street
S_t Mary, Aldermanbury
S_t Michael Bassishaw
S_t Michael, Wood Street
S_t Mildred, Poultry
S_t Olave, Silver Street
S_t Pancras, Soper Lane
S_t Thomas of Acon
Salters' Hall, Fore Street
Silent Change
Sion College, Aldermanbury
Standard in Westcheap
Swan with Two Necks Inn, Lad Lane
Waxchandlers' Hall
Weavers' Hall
Wood Street
Wood Street, 88
Wood Street, 100
Wood Street, One

Cit - Flee

Albert Statue
Bangor Inn
Barnard's Inn
Blackfriars Bridge [COMM]
Blackfriars Priory, Shoe Lane
Blackfriars Underpass
Bouverie Street
Bouverie Street - Hazlitt, William (Plaque)
Chancery Lane [COMM]
Cheshire Cheese Tavern --- Olde Cheshire Cheese
Child's Bank, Fleet Street
Chrysanthemum (Ship) +
City & Guilds of London Institute, Giltspur Street
City of London School, Victoria Embankment
City Temple, Holborn Viaduct
Clifford's Inn
Daily Express (Newspaper)
Daily Herald (Newspaper) +
Daily Mail (Newspaper) +
Daily Mirror (Newspaper) +
Daily Telegraph (Newspaper), Fleet Street
Dyer's Buildings
Elizabeth I (Statue), Fleet Street
Farringdon (Ward) [COMM]
Farringdon Market +
Farringdon Street
Farringdon Without (Ward) [COMM]
Fetter Lane +p
Fleet (Derivation) +
Fleet Market
Fleet Place
Fleet Street
Fleet Street Conduit
Fleet, River [COMM]
Furnival's Inn
Goldman Sachs
Gosling's Bank, Fleet Street
Gough Square
Hoare's Bank, Fleet Street
Holborn (Street) [COMM]
Holborn Bars (Dev) --- Prudential
Holborn Bars [COMM]
Holborn Conduit
Holborn Place
Holborn Viaduct
Inner Temple
Inner Temple Gateway
Inner Temple Hall
King's Bench Walk
Lincoln, Inn of the Bishop of
Master Mariners' Hall
Middle Temple
Middle Temple Gateway
Middle Temple Hall
New Bridge Street [COMM]
Olde Bell Tavern, Fleet Street, Ye +
Olde Cheshire Cheese Tavern, Fleet Street, Ye
President (Ship)
Prince Henry's Room
Prudential Assurance Company
Punch Tavern, Fleet Street +
Resolution (Statue)
S_t Andrew, Holborn
S_t Bride,Fleet Street
S_t David's Inn
S_t Dunstan in the West
Salisbury Court Playhouse
Salisbury Inn
Salisbury Square
Salmon's Waxworks
Serjeants' Inn
Sion College, Victoria Embankment
Symond's Inn
Temple (Area)
Temple Bar [COMM]
Temple Church
Temple Stairs
Thavies Inn
Unilever House
Victoria Embankment - Flee
Victoria Embankment [COMM]
White Horse Tavern, Fetter Lane
Whitefriars' Priory

Cit - Queb

All Hallows, Bread Street
Blacksmiths' Hall
Bow Bells House
Bracken House
Bread Street
Bread Street (Ward)
Brooke's Wharf
Cannon Street - Queb
Cannon Street [COMM]
Cannon Street, 25
Cannon Street, 30
Cheapside [COMM]
Child's Bank +
Cleary Gardens
Cordwainers' Hall
Friday Street [COMM]
Goldsmiths' Row +
Hereford Inn
Holy Trinity the Less
Mermaid Tavern, Bread Street
New Change
New Change, One (Dev 1959)
New Change, One (Dev 2010)
Old Change [COMM]
Old Fish Street Hill
Painter Stainers' Hall
Queen Victoria Street
Queen Victoria Street, 95
Queenhithe (Dock)
Queenhithe (Ward)
Roman Wall
Rusty Nail (Public Art) +i
S_t John the Evangelist, Friday Street
S_t Mary Somerset
S_t Michael, Queenhithe
S_t Nicholas Cole Abbey
S_t Peter, Paul's Wharf
Samuel Pepys PH, Brooke's Wharf
Upper Thames Street - Queb
Upper Thames Street Footbridge
Watling Street, City of London [COMM]

Cit - Smit

Aldersgate (Gate)
Aldersgate (Ward)
Aldersgate Bars
Aldersgate Street
Back Passage (Street)
Bartholomew Fair
Belle Savage Inn, Ludgate Hill
Bull & Mouth Inn, Aldersgate Street
Butchers' Hall, Smithfield
Butterworth Charity
City & Guilds of London, Giltspur Street
Cloth Fair
Coachmakers' and Coach Harness Makers' Hall
Cooks' Hall
Farmers' and Fletchers' Hall
Farringdon (Ward) [COMM]
Farringdon Without (Ward) [COMM]
Fleet Prison
Fleet, River [COMM]
Foster Lane
Founders' Hall, Cloth Fair
General Post Office, King Edward Street
General Post Office, St Martin's le Grand
Giltspur Street
Goldsmiths' Hall
Goswell Road
Haberdashers' Hall, Smithfield
Hill, Rowland (Statue)
Information Technologists' Hall
Ironmongers' Hall, Aldersgate Street
Lamb's Conduit [COMM]
Lamb's Conduit, Snow Hill
Little Britain
London Central Markets
London Wall, One --- CRIB
Ludgate (Gate) [COMM]
Ludgate Hill Railway Bridge
Ludgate Railway Bridge
Magpie and Stump Tavern, Old Bailey +p
Museum of London
Museum of London - Artefacts
Newgate (Gate) [COMM]
Newgate Street Clock
Noble Street
Old Bailey, 30
Pewterers' Hall, Oat Lane
Postman's Park
Roman Wall - Noble Street
Roman Wall [COMM]
Royal College of Surgeons [COMM]
S_t Anne and St Agnes
S_t Bartholomew the Great
S_t Bartholomew the Less
S_t Bartholomew's Hospital
S_t Botolph, Aldersgate
S_t John Zachary
S_t Leonard, Foster Lane
S_t Martin's le Grand (Church)
S_t Martin's le Grand (Street)
S_t Mary Staining
S_t Sepulchre
Scriveners' Hall
Smithfield Bars
Smithfield Cattle Market
Snow Hill Tunnel
Wesley, John (Monument)
White Horse Inn (Cross Keys), Little Britain [SMIT] +

Cit - Towe

All Hallows Barking
All Hallows Staining --- BLIM
Bakers' Hall, Harp Lane
Clothworkers' Hall
Corn Exchange
Custom House
Great Tower Street
Hart Street
Knollys' Red Roase Rent
Legal Quays [COMM]
Lower Thames Street [COMM]
Mark Lane
Mincing Lane
Minster Court
Navy Office
Pepys, Samuel (Bust)
Plantation Lane
Plantation Place
Plantation Place South
Port of London Authority
Roman Bath, Lower Thames Street +
Roman Wall [COMM-Outline-]
S_t Dunstan in the East
S_t Dunstan in the East - Beating the Bounds
S_t Dunstan's College, City of London
S_t Dunstan's Hill
S_t Olave, Hart Street
Seething Lane
Sugar Quay (Dev)
Three Quays (Dev)
Tiger Tavern, Tower Hill
Tower (Ward)
Tower Hill
Tower Pier --- 'STEP'
Tower Place
Trinity House, Water Lane

Cit - Vico

Bow Lane [COMM]
Bucklersbury House
Budge Row
Cannon Street [COMM]
Cheapside [COMM]
Cheapside Granary
Cheapside Seldam
Cloak Lane +i
College Hill
College Street
Cordwainer (Statue)
Cordwainer (Ward)
Cutlers' Hall, Cloak Lane
Dyers' Hall, Dowgate Hill --- WADO
Dyers' Hall, Upper Thames Street
Fur Exchange, Queen Street
Garlick Hill
Great St Thomas Apostle (Street) +i
Great Trinity Lane
Grocers' Hall, Garlickhithe
Joiners' Hall
Mercers' School, Budge Row
Mercers' School, College Hill
Mercers' School, Watling Street
Olde Watling Restaurant, Watling Street, Ye
Parish Clerks' Hall, Brode Lane
Queen Street
Queen Victoria Street [COMM]
Queen Victoria Street, 60
S_t Antholin, Watling Street
S_t James, Garlickhithe
S_t Martin, Vintry
S_t Mary Aldermary
S_t Mary le Bow
S_t Michael Paternoster Royal
S_t Thomas Apostle (Street) --- Great St Thomas Apostle (Street)
S_t Thomas the Apostle, Vintry
Skinners Lane
Smith, John (Statue)
Southwark Bridge [COMM]
Swan Marker & Swans (Statue)
Thames Court
Three Cranes Wharf
Tower Royal (Palace)
Turners' Hall
Vintners' Hall
Vintners' Place
Vintners' Procession +i
Vintry (Ward)
Vintry +
Watling Street, City of London [COMM]
Whittington College, College Hill
Williamson's Tavern, Bow Lane

Cit - Wado

All Hallows the Great
All Hallows the Less
Bakers' Hall, Dowgate Hill
Banker PH, Cousin Lane +i
Bucklersbury House --- VICO
Bush Lane House
Cannon Bridge
Cannon Place
Cannon Street [COMM]
Cannon Street Railway Bridge [COMM]
Cannon Street Station
Cannon Street Station Hotel  +
Cleary Court
Coldharbour, Upper Thames Street
Cousin Lane Stairs +i
Dowgate (Gate)
Dowgate (Ward)
Dowgate Hill
Dyers' Hall, Angel Passage
Dyers' Hall, Dowgate Hill
Erber, The
Founders' Hall, Cannon Street
Governor's Palace --- Roman Governors' Palace
Hanseatic League --- 'SUBJ'Hanseatic League'
Hanseatic League --- Steelyard, The
Innholders' Hall
Joiners' & Ceilers' Hall
Laurence Pountney Hill [COMM]
Laurence Pountney Lane [COMM]
LIFFE Trader (Public Art) +i
London Stone
Lord Mayor's Show
Mansion House
Martin Lane --- COCA
Merchant Taylors' School, Suffolk Lane
Mithras, Temple of
Mondial House
Nomura --- Watermark Place
Plumbers' Hall
Queen Victoria Street [COMM]
Rhenish Wine House +
Riverbank House
Roman Governor's Palace
Roman Wall [COMM]
Rose, Manor of the
Rothschild's Bank
S_t John the Baptist, Walbrook
S_t Mary Bothaw
S_t Mary Woolchurch Haw
S_t Stephen, Walbrook
S_t Swithin, London Stone
S_t Swithin's Lane
Salters' Hall, Cannon Street
Skinners' Hall
Steelyard, The
Stocks Market
Swan Lane Pier +i
Tallow Chandlers' Hall
Walbrook (Street)
Walbrook (Ward)
Walbrook Dock +i
Walbrook Square
Walbrook Wharf +
Walbrook, River [COMM]
Walbrook, The (Dev)
Watermark Place
Watermen's Hall, Upper Thames Street


Beaulah Spa
Croydon Canal [COMM]
Jolly Sailor PH, South Norwood
Norwood Grove
Queen's Hotel
South Norwood Lakes
West Croydon Station

Exe - Comm

Admiralty Semaphore Telegraph
Admiralty Shutter Telegraph
Akeman Street
Albert Bridge
Albury Street +
Aldersgate Bars +
Aldgate Bars
Alexandra Bridge
Artillery Lane
Battersea Bridge
Battersea Railway Bridge
Bethleham Hospital [-at-]
Billingsgate Fish Market [-at-]
Bishopsgate Bars
Blackfriars Bridge
Blackfriars Railway Bridge
Blackfriars' Priory --- PEOP
Blackwall Tunnel
Bow Lane
Brighton, Roman Road to
Bus  +
Cable Car --- Emirates Cable Car
Cabmen's Shelters
Cannon Street
Cannon Street Railway Bridge
Chancery Lane
Charing Cross Railway Bridge
Charing Cross Road
Chelsea Bridge
Chelsea Ferry
City Ditch
Clapham Common
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Coopers' Hall [-at-]
Crosby Hall [-at-]
Crossrail +
Croxted Road +p
Croydon Canal
Crystal Palace & Sth Jctn Railway
Deptford Creek
Deptford Ferry
Deptford to Woolwich Road
Docklands Light Railway
Drapers' Hall [-at-]
Drury Lane +
Earl's Sluice
East London Line Extension
Edgware Road
Effra, River
Emirates Cable Car  +
Emirates Cable Car - Views  +
Ermine Street
Falcon Brook
Farringdon (Ward)
Farringdon Without (Ward)
Fenchurch Street
Fleet (Derivation)
Fleet, River
Forest Hill Road
Foster Lane
Friday Street
Frost Fairs --- 'SUBJ'
Fulham Park Ferry
Fulham Railway Bridge
Golden Jubilee Bridges
Gracechurch Street
Grand Junction Canal
Grand Surrey Canal
Grand Surrey Canal - Large Maps
Graveney, River
Great Conduit
Great Fire
Great North Wood
Greenwich Ferry (Horseferry)
Greenwich Tunnel
Gresham Street [-at-]
Grocers' Hall [-at-]
Grosvenor Canal
Hackney Brook
Hertford Union Canal +
Holborn (Street)
Holborn Bars
Horseferry, Lambeth
Horseferry, Rotherhithe
Hungerford Bridge
Ironmongers' Hall [-at-]
Kensal Green Cemetery
Kensington Canal
Kensington Gardens
Kent-Surrey Border
King William Street
King's College Hospital (Overview)
Kingsland Road
Lamb's Conduit
Lambeth Bridge
Langbourn (Ward)
Laurence Pountney Hill
Laurence Pountney Lane
Lea, Old River
Lea, River
Leadenhall Street
Leathersellers' Hall [-at-]
Lee Navigation
Legal Quays
Lewes, Roman Road to
Lewisham, London Borough of
Lime Street
Limehouse Cut
Limehouse Link
London & Blackwall Railway
London & Croydon Railway
London & Greenwich Railway
London Bridge
London Bridge - Dragons  +
London County Council
London Hydraulic Power Company
London Underground --- 'SUBJ'Underground Railways'
London Wall (Street)
Ludgate (Gate)
Ludgate Hill
Mayflower (Ship)   +
Mayflower (Ship) ^Text (Internet)
Merchant Taylors' Hall [-at-]
Meridian Line
Metropolitan Line
Middlesex Street
Middlesex, Forest of
Millennium Bridge
New Bridge Street
New River
New Road
Newgate (Gate)
Northern Outfall Sewer
Norton Folgate
Norton Folgate (Derivation)
Old Change
Old Jewry
Old Kent Road [-at-]
Old Street
Overground  +
Oxford Street
Oxford Street (Derivation)
Parliamentary Forts
Petticoat Lane Market
Philpot Lane
Pilgrims' Way to Waltham Abbey
Pool of London
Putney Aqueduct
Putney Bridge
Putney Ferry (Short)
Quaggy, River
Quaggy, River (Large)
Queen Victoria Street
Ravensbourne, River
Regent Street
Regent's Canal
Regent's Park
Roman Road, Tower Hamlets
Roman Roads
Roman Wall
Roman Wall - Story of the Wall
Rotherhithe Steam Ferry --- Thames Steam Ferry
Rotherhithe Tunnel
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish)
S_t James in the Wall Hermitage [-at-]
S_t Mary Axe (Street)
S_t Thomas's Hospital [-at-]
Silchester, Roman Road to
Southwark Bridge
Stamford Hill (Street) +i
Stane Street
Stepney, Manor of
Sydenham Hill (Hill)
Sydenham Hill (Hill) - Views
Sydenham Hill (Street)
Temple Bar
Temple Bar (Memorial)
Thames Steam Ferry
Thames Tunnel
Tollington, Manor of
Tottenham Court Road
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge - More
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets)
Tower Hill
Tower Subway
Trinity House --- 'PEOP'
Tyburn, River
Vauxhall Bridge
Vauxhall Prehistoric Crossing
Victoria Embankment
Victoria Embankment - Dragons  +
Victoria Park
Victoria Railway Bridge
Walbrook, River
Wandsworth Bridge
Wandsworth, London Borough of
Waterloo Bridge
Waterloo Bridge - Bas Relief
Waterloo Bridge - Views
Watling Street (Roman Road)
Watling Street, City of London
Watson's Telegraph
Westminster Bridge
Westminster, London Borough of
Westminster, Manor of
Westminster, Metropolitan Borough of

Exe - Peop

Bakers' Hall
Bath & Wells, Bishops of
Bishops --- 'Subj'Cameo'
Blackfriars Priory (Overview)
Carlisle, Bishops of
City of London Police
Drovers   +
Hanseatic League +
Inns of Bishops --- 'Subj'Cameo'
Jews - Arrival in 1066
Jews - Arrival in 1656
Jews - Arrival in 1690
Jews - Arrival in 1880
Jews - Banished from England
London Docklands Development Corporation
Metropolitan Board of Works
Royal Mail
Salters' Hall
Trinity House (Overview)
Virginia Settlers
York, Archbishops of

Exe - Pers

Alfred the Great
Baird, John   +
Barry, Charler (Younger)
Beck, Henry
Bloomsbury Group
Briadwood, James   +
Defoe, Daniel
Dickens, Charles   +
Eleanor Crosses
Gertler, Mark +
Grimshaw, John Atkinson  +
Harvard, John   +
Henry III
Holmes, Sherlock   +
Horniman Family
Jack the Ripper
Marx, Eleanor   +
Moore, Peter +
Names in the PERS file ONLY appear under related places.png
Richard III  ++
S_t George
Siddal, Lizzie
Tissot, James
Townshend Landscape Architects
Whistler, James +
Wombwell, George

Exe - Subj

Art Deco
Blue Plaques
Brussels Hoard  +
Cabmen's Shelters --- 'COMM'
Camberwell Beauty
Cemeteries  +
Coaching  +
Coffee Houses
Company Halls
Construction (X)
Court (Word Definition)
Departmental Stores
Diamond Jubilee - Concert 4 Jun 2012
Diamond Jubilee - Thames Pageant 3 Jun 2012
Dragons (Figures)
Extreme Images --- 'Cameo'
Frost Fairs
High Points in London
High Views --- 'Cameo'
Inns (Word Definition)
Inns of Bishops --- 'Cameo'
Inns of Chancery
Inns of Court --- 'Cameo'
Londinium --- Roman London
London by Night --- 'SUBJ'Seasons in London'
London Termini
Lost Rivers --- Rivers
Markets  +
Parish Markers  +
Pleasure Gardens
Rail Crashes
Roman London
S_t George & the Dragon
Second World War
Street Name Plates
Tall Ships --- Thames
Taximen's Shelters --- Cabmen's Shelters 'COMM'
Telegraphs --- 'Cameo'
Theatres  +
Underground Railways   +
Window of Opportunity

Gre - Gree

Anchor and Hope PH, Riverside
Anchor Iron (Public Art)
Anchor Iron Wharf
Ballast Quay --- Union Wharf
Bay Wharf
Bellot (Monument) +i
Blackheath (Heath) --- LEWI
Blackheath Park (Street) +i
Blackwall Tunnel [COMM]
Bugle Horn PH, Charlton +i
Bugsby's Way +i
Cable Car --- Emirates Cable Car
Caroline's Sunken Bath, Greenwich Park +i
Charlton (Derivation)
Charlton House
Charlton Road +i
Charlton, Manor of
Crane Street
Croom's Hill
Cutty Sark (Ship)
Cutty Sark DLR Station
Cutty Sark Tavern, Lassell Street
Delta Wharf
Deptford Sewage Pumping Station
Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital
East Greenwich, Manor of
Emirates Cable Car [COMM]
Enderby's Wharf
Gazebo, Greenwich, The
Gloucester Circus
Grange, Greenwich, The
Granite Wharf
Greenwich (Derivation)
Greenwich Beach
Greenwich Church Street +i
Greenwich DLR Station
Greenwich Ferry (Horseferry) [COMM]
Greenwich High Road +i
Greenwich Palace
Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park - One Tree Hill - High_Views
Greenwich Park - One Tree Hill +i
Greenwich Park - Tumuli ^Views
Greenwich Park - Tumuli +i
Greenwich Park - Wolfe, James (Statue) - High_Views +i
Greenwich Pier +i
Greenwich Power Station
Greenwich Reach (Dev) +
Greenwich Station
Greenwich Theatre +
Greenwich Tunnel [COMM]
Greenwich Wharf +
Harbour Master's House, Greenwich
Highbridge Wharf
Hillside House, Croom's Hill  +i
Horseferry Place +i
Hyde Vale +i
Imperial Wharf
Lombard Wall +i
Lovell's Wharf
Macartney House
Manor House, Croom's Hill
Meridian Line - Royal Observatory
Millennium Dome
Morden College
Morden Wharf
Mumford's Mill
National Maritime Museum
North Greenwich Underground Station
Our Ladye Start of the Sea RC Church
Painted Hall - Royal Naval Hospital - Painted Hall
Paragon, Blackheath, The
Park Hall, Croom's Hill
Pilot PH +
Piper's Wharf
Point Hill
Point Hill - Views
Point, The
Point, The - Views
Pond Road --- Wricklemarsh House [GREE]
Primrose Wharf
Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses
Queen Elizabeth's Oak, Greenwich Park
Queen's House
Ranger's House, Blackheath
Roan School, Maze Hill
Roan School, Roan Street
Roan School, Westcombe Park +
Roman Villa, Greenwich Park
Royal Naval Asylum, Greenwich
Royal Naval College
Royal Naval Hospital
Royal Naval Hospital - Chapel
Royal Naval Hospital - Painted Hall
Royal Observatory
S_t Alphege, Greenwich
S_t Luke, Charlton
S_t Mary, King William Walk, Greenwich
S_t Michael and All Angels  +i
Ship Tavern, Greenwich
Shooter's Hill Road  +i
Shooter's Hill Road - Milestone  +i
Slice of Reality (Public Art)  +i
Spread Eagle Inn, Greenwich
Sun Coal Wharf
Thames Cable Car [COMM]
Trafalgar Tavern, Park Row
Trinity Hospital
Tunnel Refineries
Union Wharf
Vanbrugh Castle
Victoria Deep Water Terminal
White House, Greenwich
Wolfe, James (Statue)  +i
Wood Wharf, Greenwich +
Woodlands, Greenwich, The
Wricklemarsh House
Wricklemarsh, Manor of
Yacht Tavern, Crane Street

Gre - Wool

Assembly (Public Art)
Avery Hill (House)
Bexley Road - Milestone
Bull Inn, Shooters' Hill +i
Chequers PH, Eltham Hill
Eltham (Derivation)
Eltham High Street - Milestone (8 Miles)
Eltham High Street +i
Eltham Hill (Street) +i
Eltham House
Eltham Palace
Eltham Road - Milestone (7 Miles)
Eltham, Manor of
Footscray Road - Milestone (9 Miles)
Footscray Road - Milestone (10 miles)
Footscray Road +i
Great Hall, Eltham
Greyhound PH, Eltham High Street _i
Ha-Ha Road --- Royal Artillery Barracks
Ironmongers' Almshouses, Mottingham
Kidbrook (Derivation)
Lesnes (Derivation) [Bexley]
Lesnes Abbey [Bexley]
Mottingham (Derivation)
Mottingham Lane +i
Occupation Lane - High_Views
Occupation Lane +i
Old Mill PH. Plumstead _i
Orangery --- Eltham House
Plumstead (Derivation)
Plumstead Common +i
Plumstead Museum
Plumstead Station +
Plumstead, Manor of
Princess Alice Disaster
Quaggy, River, Mottingham Lane +i
Rotunda, Woolwich Common, The
Route from New Cross to Footscray - Woolwich
Royal Arsenal, Woolwich
Royal Artillery Barracks
Royal Military Academy
S_t John the Baptist, Eltham
S_t Mary Magdalene, Woolwich
S_t Nicholas, Plumstead
Severndroog Castle
Shooter's Hill (Hill)
Shooter's Hill (Hill) - High_Views
Shooter's Hill (Street) - Milestone +i
Shooter's Hill (Street) +i
Shrewsbury House
Tarn, The
Thames Barrier
Thamesmead - Clock Tower
Tripcock Point +
Tudor Barn --- Well Hall, Eltham
Well Hall, Eltham
Woolwich (Derivation)
Woolwich Arsenal --- Royal Arsenal, Woolwich
Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station
Woolwich Dockyard
Woolwich Ferry
Woolwich Fire Station  +
Woolwich Foot Tunnel
Woolwich High Street  +
Woolwich Market
Woolwich Riverside Walkway
Woolwich Town Hall
Woolwich, Manor of

Hac - Hack

Bishop Wood's Almshouses
Broadway Market +
Brooke House, Hackney +
Churchwell Path +i
Clapton (Derivation)
Clapton Common +i
Clapton Pond +i
Clapton Square +i
Dalston (Derivation)
Dalston Junction ELLX Station +i
Dalston Lane
De Beauvoir Square
Good Shepherd, Cathedral Church of the
Hackney (Derivation)
Hackney +p
Hackney Museum
Hackney Town Hall (New)
Hackney Town Hall (Old)
Hackney, London Borough of +
Hackney, Manor of
Hackney, Metropolitan Borough of
Homerton (Derivation)
Homerton High Street
Kingsland (Derivation)
Kingsland High Street +i
Kingsland Road +
Kingsland Viaduct
Lea Bridge
Lea Bridge Road +i
Lea, River [COMM] +
Loddige's Nursery +i
London Orphan's Asylum +i
Lower Clapton Road
Mare Street
Mothers' Hospital, Lower Clapton Road +i
New Lansdowne Club
New Synagogue, Stamford Hill
Pilgrims' Way to Waltham Abbey [COMM]
Regent's Canal [COMM] +
Ridley Road +
Round Chapel +i
S_t Augustine, Hackney
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish) [COMM] +
S_t John, Hackney
S_t Mark, Dalston
Springfield House
Springfield Park
Stamford Hill (Street) +
Stepney, Manor of +
Sutton House
Sutton Place
Temple Mills [Newham]
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets) +
Victoria Park [COMM]
Well Street

Hac - Shor

Acton's Lock
Balmes House
Bateman's Row
Bishopsgate Bars [COMM]
Bishopsgate Goods Station
Bishopsgate Low Level Station
Bishopsgate Station
BoxPark, Bethnal Green Road
Clerk's House, Shoreditch High Street
Columbia Market --- 'BETH'
Curtain Road
Curtain Theatre  +
Dalston Junction ELLX Station --- 'HACK'
De Beauvoir Square --- HACK
Eagle Tavern, City Road
Folgate Street
Geffrye Almshouses
Geffrye Museum
Hackney Road +i
Haggerston (Derivation)
Haggerston Railway Bridge   +i
Haggerston Railway Bridge - Images (Internet)
Haggerston Station (New)   +i
Haggerston Station (Old)   +
Haggerston Station (Old) - Images (internet)
Haggerston, Manor of
Holywell Lane +i
Holywell Priory --- St John the Baptist, Priory of
Holywell, Shoreditch +
Hoxton (Derivation)
Hoxton +
Hoxton Hall +
Hoxton Square
Hoxton Station
Hoxton Street +i
Hoxton, Manor of
Industrial Dwellings [BETH]
King John Court
Kingsland Road [COMM]
Kingsland Road Railway Bridge
Kingsland Road, Shoreditch
Kingsland Viaduct
New Inn Broadway
New Inn Square
New Inn Yard
Norton Folgate (Derivation)
Norton Folgate, Liberty of
Old Blue Last PH, Great Eastern Street
Old Street [COMM]
Old Street, Shoreditch
Pimlico Tavern, Hoxton +
Redchurch Street
Regent's Canal [COMM] +
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish) [COMM] +
S_t John the Baptist, Priory of
S_t Leonard, Shoreditch
S_t Leonard's Hospital, Hoxton
Shoreditch (Derivation)
Shoreditch High Street
Shoreditch High Street Bridge
Shoreditch High Street Station
Shoreditch Town Hall
Shoreditch, Manor of
Shoreditch,Metropolitan Borough of
Spread Eagle PH, Kingsland Road
Stepney, Manor of [COMM]
Stonebridge Gardens   +
Stonebridge Gardens - Text (Internet)
Sturt's Lock (06) +
Sulemaniye Mosque, Kingsland Road
Theatre, Shoreditch, The
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets)
Unicorn PH, Hoxton Street
Village Underground
Walbrook, River [COMM] +



Hac - Stok

Abney House
Abney Park Cemetery
Clissold House
Clissold Park
Clissold Park - New River
Clissold Park - Reservoirs
Daniel Defoe PH, Stoke Newington Church Street
Fleetwood House
Green Lanes Pumping Station
Hackney Brook - Stoke Newington
Hackney Brook [COMM]
Middlesex, Forest of [COMM]
New River - Stoke Newington
New River [COMM]
S_t Mary, Stoke Newington (New Church)
S_t Mary, Stoke Newington (Old Church)
Sisters' Place, Stoke Newington
Stamford Hill (Street) [COMM] +
Stoke Newington (Derivation)
Stoke Newington +
Stoke Newington Church Street +i
Stoke Newington Library +i
Stoke Newington Reservoirs
Stoke Newington Town Hall (New)
Stoke Newington, Manor of
Stoke Newington, Metropolitan Borough of +
Unitarian Chapel, Newington Green +

Ham - Fulh

All Saints, Fulham
Battersea Railway Bridge [COMM]
Bishop's Park, Fulham
Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham
Chelsea Harbour
Chelsea Harbour Pier +i
Craven Cottage
Eel Brook Common +
Empress State Building
Fulham (Derivation)
Fulham Palace
Fulham Park Ferry [COMM]
Fulham Pottery
Fulham Power Station
Fulham Railway Bridge [COMM]
Fulham Town Hall
Fulham Workhouse
Fulham, Manor of
Fulham, Metropolitan Borough of
Hurlingham House
Kensington Canal [COMM]
North End, Fulham
Parsons Green
Powell Almshouses
Putney Bridge [COMM]
Putney Ferry (Short) [COMM]
Sandford, Manor of
Sands End +
Swan Draw Dock
Walham Green (Derivation)
Wandsworth Bridge [COMM]

Ham - Hamm

Ark, The
Bedford Park
Blue Anchor PH, Lower Mall
Brandenburgh House
Chiswick Eyot
Chiswick Mall
Dove Inn, Upper Mall
Furnivall Gardens
Hammersmith (Derivation)
Hammersmith Bridge
Hammersmith Creek
Hammersmith Flyover
Hammersmith Hospital
Hammersmith Palais
Hammersmith Pier
Hammersmith Town Hall
Hammersmith, Metropolitan Borough of
High Bridge, Hammersmith
Kelmscott House
Kensal Green Cemetery [COMM]
King's Road - milsetone
King's Road, Hammersmith
Latymer House
Linden House
Lower Mall, Hammersmith
Old Ship PH, Upper Mall
Pallingswick, Manor of
Ravenscourt Park
Rivercourt House
Riverside Studios
Rutland PH, Lower Mall
S_t Paul, Hammersmith
S_t Paul's School, Hammersmith
Shepherd's Bush (Derivation)
Silchester, Roman Road to - Hamm
Stamford Brook
Sussex House +
Television Centre
Upper Mall - Electric Telegraph
Upper Mall, Hammersmith
Vineyard Nursery, Hammersmith
Weltje Road
Westcott House
Westfield Shopping Centre
White City Shopping Centre
White City Stadium
Wood Lane
Wormholt (Derivation)
Wormholt, Manor of
Wormwood Scrubs Prison

Isl - Fins

Angel Inn, Islington High Street
Britton Street +i
Bunhill Fields
Castle PH, Cowcross Street +i
Chapel Market, Islington
Charterhouse (School)
Charterhouse, Hospital of
Charterhouse, Monastery of
Clerken Well
Clerkenwell (Area)
Clerkenwell (Derivation)
Clerkenwell Bridewell +
Clerkenwell Close +i
Clerkenwell Green +i
Clerkenwell House of Detention +
Clerkenwell Road +i
Coldbath, Clerkenwell +
Crown PH, Clerkenwell Green +i
Everard's Well +p
Exmouth Market (Market) +
Fag's Well +p
Farringdon Road Book Market +
Farringdon Station
Finsbury  +
Finsbury (Derivation)
Finsbury Pavement +
Finsbury Square  +
Finsbury Town Hall
Finsbury, Manor of
Finsbury, Metropolitan Borough of +
Fleet, River [COMM]
Fortune Theatre +
Gode's Well
Hicks's Hall
Honourable Artillery Company - Fins
Islington Spa
Islington, London Borough of
London Spa, Clerkenwell +i
Middlesex House of Correction +
Middlesex Sessions House, Clerkenwell
Mount Pleasant Sorting Office +
New Prison, Clerkenwell +
New River [COMM]
Old Street [COMM]
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Procession --- HOLB
Peerless Pool
S_t Agnes le Clair Well
S_t James, Clerkenwell
S_t James, Pentonville Road +
S_t John of Jerusalem, Priory of
S_t John Street
S_t John, Clerkenwell
S_t John's Lane +i
S_t Luke, Old Street, Finsbury
S_t Mary, Clerkenwell, Nunnery of
S_t Peter's Italian Church --- HOLB
Sadler's Wells +
Sadler's Wells Theatre
Seckford Street +i
Skinners' Well +p
Turnmill Street +i
Welsh Charity School, Clerkenwell
Wesleys' Chapel, City Road
Whitbread Brewery, Chiswell Street
Whitecross Street Market +

Isl - Isli

Agricultural Hall --- Royal Agricultural Hall
Angel Inn --- FINS
Barnsbury (Derivation)
Barnsbury +p
Barnsbury, Manor of
Caledonian Asylum
Caledonian Market, Islington
Canonbury (Derivation)
Canonbury Place
Canonbury Road
Canonbury Tower
Canonbury, Manor of
Chapel Market --- FINS
City Road Lock
Collin's Music Hall
Highbury (Derivation)
Holloway (Derivation)
Holloway Prison
Horsefall Basin
Islington (Derivation)
Islington Dispensary
Islington Green +i
Islington High Street
Islington Town Hall
Islington Tunnel +
Islington, London Borough of
Islington, Manor of
Islington, Metropolitan Borough of
London Canal Museum +
Middlesex, Forest of [COMM]
Mother Red Cap PH, Holloway Road +
Myddelton, Hugh (Statue)
New River [COMM]
Peacock Inn, Islington +i
Pentonville Prison
Pentonville Road
Regent's Canal [COMM]
Royal Agricultural Hall
S_t Mary Magdalene, Lower Holloway +
S_t Mary, Islington
Seven Sisters Road +
Tollington, Manor of [COMM]
Upper Street +i
White's Conduit +i

Ken - Chel

Admiralty Shutter Telegraph, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Albert Bridge [COMM]
All Saints, Chelsea
Battersea Bridge [COMM]
Beaufort House
Bywater Street
Cabmen's Shelter, Chelsea Embankment
Cabmen's Shelter, Pont Street
Cadogan Pier +
Carlyle Square
Carlyle,Thomas (Statue)
Chelsea (Derivation)
Chelsea Bridge [COMM]
Chelsea China Factory
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea Harbour --- 'FULH'
Chelsea Physic Garden
Chelsea Potter PH, King's Road
Chelsea Town Hall (Old) +i
Chelsea, Manor of
Cheyne Row
Cheyne Walk
Cremorne Gardens
Crosby Hall, Chelsea
Holy Trinity, Sloane Square   +
House Boats, Chelsea
Kensington Canal [COMM]
King's Head & Eight Bells PH, Cheyne Walk +i
King's Road
Lawrence Street
Lindsey House
Lots Road Power Station
Markham PH, King's Road
Markham Square
Michelin Building +
Milman's Street +i
More,Thomas (Statue)
Mulberry Walk +i
Old White Swan Inn
Peter Jones
Pheasantry, Chelsea
Ranelagh Gardens
Ranelagh House,Chelsea
Ropers Gardens +i
Royal Hospital Road
Royal Hospital, Chelsea
S_t Luke, Sydney Street
Sloane Square
Sloane Square Underground Station
Smith Street
Smith Terrace
Swan Inn --- Old White Swan Inn
Tite Street
Tryon Street
Whistler, James (Statue)
White Swan Inn --- Old White Swan Inn

Ken - Kens

Barkers +i
Brompton (Derivation)
Brompton Cemetery
Brompton Oratory
Brompton Road
Cabmen's Shelter, Kensington Park Road
Cabmen's Shelter, Kensington Road
Cabmen's Shelter, Thurloe Place
Commonweath Institute +i
Derry & Toms +i
Earl's Court (Derivation)
Earl's Court Exhibition Hall
Gloucester Road Underground Station
Gordon Place +i
Holland House
Holland Street +i
Kensal Green Cemetery [COMM]
Kensington (Derivation)
Kensington Canal [COMM]
Kensington Church Street +i
Kensington Church Walk +i
Kensington Court Place +i
Kensington High Street - Milestone
Kensington High Street +i
Kensington Palace
Kensington Square +i
Kensington Town Hall +i
Kensington, Manor of
Leighton House
Linley Sambourne House
Melbury Road
Milestone Hotel +i
Natural History Museum
Notting Hill (Derivation)
Notting Hill Gate
Olympia +
Pontins +i
Royal Tournament
S_t Mary Abbots
Science Museum
Silchester, Roman Road to - Kensington
Stafford Terrace --- Linley Sambourne House
Trellick Tower
Trellick Tower - High_Views
Victoria and Albert Museum





Lam - Clap

Clapham (Derivation)
Clapham +
Clapham Common [COMM]
Clapham Common N Side - Milestone +i
Clapham Common N Side +i
Clapham Common S Side - Milestone (1) +i
Clapham Common S Side - Milestone (2) +i
Clapham Common S Side +i
Clapham High Street +i
Clapham Manor Street +i
Clapham, Manor of
Holy Trinity, The Pavement, Clapham
Lambeth, London Borough of [COMM] +
North Street, Clapham +i
Old Town (Street), Clapham +i
Pavement, The, Clapham +i
Plough Inn, Clapham Road
S_t Mary, Rectory Grove, Clapham
S_t Paul, Rectory Grove, Clapham
Stane Street [COMM]
Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough of [COMM] +
Windmill Inn, Clapham Common

Lam - Lamb

Albert Embankment
Alembic House
Archbishop Tenison's Grammar School, Kennington +p
Archbishop's Park
Black Prince PH, Black Prince Road
Brixton (Derivation)
Brixton Prison
Brixton Road
Brixton Windmill
Broadwall (Street)
Brockwell Park
Brunswick House  +
Camelford House
Carlisle House, Lambeth
Century House --- Perspective Building
Charing Cross Railway Bridge [COMM]
Cleaver Square
Coade Factory
Coburg Theatre
County Hall
Courtenay Square
Croxted Road [COMM]
Cuneo, Terence (Statue)
Cuper's Gardens
Cure's College, West Norwood
Cut, The (Street) +i
Doulton Pottery
Doulton's Dock --- White Hart Dock
Effra Road - Milestone +
Effra, River - Brixton
Effra, River - Kennington +
Effra, River - Vauxhall +
Effra, River [COMM]
Elephant Relief - 2000 (Public Art)
Evelina Hospital - Lambeth
Festival of Britain
Gabriel's Wharf +i
Gipsy Hill (Street) +i
Gipsy Road +i
Gipsy Tavern. Gipsy Road
Great North Wood
Horns Tavern, West Norwood
Horseferry, Lambeth [COMM]
Hungerford Bridge [COMM]
Imax Cinema --- London Imax Cinema
International Maritime Organisation
Jewish Home --- 'Norwood Home'
Jolly Gardeners PH, Black Prince Road +i
Kennington (Derivation)
Kennington Common
Kennington Lane +i
Kennington Oval Cricket Ground
Kennington Palace
Kennington Park +i
Kennington Park Road +i
Kennington Road +i
Kennington Town Hall
Kennington, Manor of +p
King's College Hospital - Lambeth
Knight's Hill +i
Lambeth - Hills
Lambeth (A) +
Lambeth (Derivation)
Lambeth +
Lambeth Bridge [COMM]
Lambeth High Street +i
Lambeth Hospital +
Lambeth Palace
Lambeth Road +i
Lambeth Town Hall
Lambeth Walk +i
Lambeth Windmill --- Brixton Windmill
Lambeth, Manor of
Levenhurst, Manor of +i
Lion Brewery
Lion Brewery (Frerichs)
London Eye
London Eye - High_Views (ACP)
London Eye - High_Views (Internet)
London Eye (More)
London Fire Brigade Headquarters
London Imax Cinema
London Necropolis Company
Lower Marsh (Street)
MI 6 Building
National Film Theatre +p
National Theatre
New Spring Gardens, Vauxhall
Nine Elms --- 'BATT'
Norfolk House, Lambeth +i
North Wood, Norwood --- Great North Wood
Norwood (Derivation)
Norwood High Street +i
Norwood Home for Jewish Children
Norwood Park - High_Views
Norwood Park +
Old Vic Theatre
Oxo Tower --- 'SOUT'
Parliament View (Dev)
Perspective Building
Pineapple PH, Hercules Road +i
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Railway Bell PH, Cawnpore Road
Red Lion Brewery --- Lion Brewery
Rochester Inn, Lambeth +p
Royal Festival Hall
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Rush Common, Brixton
S_t George Wharf
S_t John the Evangelist, Waterloo
S_t Luke, Knight's Hill, West Norwood
S_t Mark, Clapham Road, Kennington
S_t Mary, Lambeth
S_t Matthew, Brixton Hill, Brixton
S_t Thomas's Hospital - Lambeth
Seafarers' Memorial
Shell Building
Shell Building - High_Views
Shot Tower --- Surrey Shot Tower
South Bank Lion (Statue)
South Bank, Lambeth
South London College +
South of the River (Public Art) +i
Special Operations Executive (Memorial)
Spring Gardens --- New Spring Gardens
Stockwell (Derivation)
Stockwell +
Stockwell, Manor of
Surrey Shot Tower
Swan Inn, Stockwell
Tate Library, Effra Road +i
Tintagel House
Upper Ground (Street) +p
Upper Marsh (Street)
Vauxhall (Derivation)
Vauxhall Bridge [COMM]
Vauxhall Cross Bus Interchange
Vauxhall Gardens
Vauxhall Motors  +
Vauxhall Ordnance Factory +p
Vauxhall Plate Glass Factory
Vauxhall Prehistoric Crossing [COMM]
Vauxhall, Manor of
Wandsworth Road +i
Waterloo Bridge [COMM]
Waterloo Elephant --- Elephant Relief - 2000 (Public Art)
Waterloo Hospital for Children & Women +i
Waterloo International
Waterloo Station
Waterloo Underground Station
West Norwood +
West Norwood Cemetery
Westminster Bridge [COMM]
Westow Hill
Westow Hill - High_Views (Internet)
White Hart Dock
Wyke Grange +

Lam - Stre

Brighton, Roman Road to [COMM]
Coventry Hall +
Falcon Brook [COMM]
Graveney, River - Streatham
Graveney, River [COMM]
Greyhound Inn, Greyhound Lane, Streatham
Lambeth, London Borough of +
Leigham Court, Manor of
Norwood Grove [Croydon]
Park Hill, Streatham
Pratt's, Streatham +i
Rookery, The
S_t Leonard, Streatham
Streatham (A) +
Streatham (Derivation)
Streatham Common
Streatham Common Springs
Streatham Hill (Hill) +
Streatham Place
Streatham Spa
Streatham, Manor of
Thrale House --- Streatham Place
Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough of [COMM] +

Lew - Dept

Addey & Stanhope School
Albury Street
Black Horse Bridge
Black Horse Bridge - Images (Internet)
Borthwick Wharf
Brook Mill, Deptford
Brookmill Park
Brookmill Road
Centurion PH, Deptford Broadway
Circumsphere (Public Art)
Clayton Windmill
Convoys Wharf +i
Copperas Street
Creek Bridge
Creek Road, Deptford
Croydon Canal [COMM]
Deadman's Wharf
Deadman's Wharf Dolphin
Deptford (A)
Deptford (Derivation)
Deptford Arms PH, Deptford High Street
Deptford Bridge
Deptford Bridge DLR Station
Deptford Broadway
Deptford Creek - Booker
Deptford Creek - Creek Bridge
Deptford Creek - Deptford Bridge
Deptford Creek - Faircharm Estate
Deptford Creek - Mouth
Deptford Creek [COMM]
Deptford Creek Footbridge
Deptford Creek Footbridge ^Views, N Side
Deptford Creek Footbridge ^Views, S Side
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge - from DLR
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge - from Faircharm
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge ^Views, N Side (E)
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge ^Views, N Side (W)
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge ^Views, S Side (E)
Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge ^Views, S Side (W)
Deptford Dockyard --- Royal Naval Dockyard
Deptford Ferry [COMM]
Deptford Green
Deptford High Street
Deptford Market
Deptford Power Station
Deptford Power Station Jetty
Deptford Project
Deptford Sewage Pumping Station --- GREE
Deptford Station
Deptford Station - Inclined Plane
Deptford to Woolwich Road [COMM] +p
Deptford Town Hall
Deptford Wharf --- Wet Dock, Deptford
Deptford, Metropolitan Borough of
Dolphin --- Deadman's Wharf Dolphin
Dolphin --- Wet Dock Dolphin
Dover Castle PH, Deptford Broadway +p
Drakefell Road +i
Earl's Sluice [COMM]
Evelyn Street
Five Bells PH, New Cross Road +i
Flood Mill, Deptford Creek
Flower of Kent PH +i
Foreign Cattle Market, Deptford +
Goldsmiths' College
Goldsmiths' College - Ben Pimlott Building
Grand Surrey Canal - Oxstalls Road
Grand Surrey Canal - Surrey Canal Road
Grand Surrey Canal [COMM]
Greenwich, Manor of +p
Grove Street
Grove Street - Turnpike Stone
Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham Boys' School
Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham Girls' School
Hatcham Arms PH, New Cross Road
Hatcham Gardens +
Hatcham, Manor of
Hilly Fields --- 'LEWI'
Ilderton Road --- [CAMB]
John Evelyn PH, Evelyn Street
Kent Water Works
Laban Dance Centre
London & Greenwich Railway - Canal Arches
London & Greenwich Railway - Deptford Church Street
London & Greenwich Railway [COMM]
Millennium Quay (Dev)
Mumford's Mill --- GREE
Navy Arms PH, New King Street
New Cross (Area)
New Cross Gate (Toll Gate)
New Cross Gate NDC
New Cross Gate Station +i
New Cross Inn, New Cross
New Cross Road
Noah's Ark PH, Evelyn Street +i
Payne's Wharf
Pepys Estate
Pepys Estate - Aragon Tower - High_Views (ACP)
Pepys Estate - Aragon Tower - High_Views (Internet)
Pepys Estate - Views
Pepys Road
Peter the Great (Statue)
Queen's Road
Ravensbourne, River - Brookmill Park
Ravensbourne, River [COMM]
Rose of Kent PH, Trundleys Road
Route from New Cross to Footscray - Deptford
Royal Naval Dockyard, Deptford
Royal Victualling Yard, Deptford
S_t George's Stairs +
S_t James, Hatcham
S_t Nicholas, Deptford
S_t Paul, Deptford
Sayes Court
Sayes Court Park
South East London Technical Institute +
Stone House, Deptford
Surrey Canal Road
Surrey-Kent Border --- Vesta Road
Tanners Hill
Telegraph Hill
Telegraph Hill - High_Views
Telegraph Hill - Semaphore Telegraph
Telegraph Hill - Shutter Telegraph
Tide Mill --- Flood Mill, Deptford Creek
Trinity House - Deptford
Vesta Road +i
Watergate Street +i
Watling Street - Deptford
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Wet Dock, Deptford
Wet Dock, Deptford - Dolphin
White Hart PH, New Cross Road
White Swan Inn, Deptford High Street

Lew - Lewi

All Saints, Blackheath
All Saints, Trewsbury Road, Sydenham
Armoury Mill, Lewisham
Ascension, Blackheath, Church of the
Ashberry Cottage
Atmospheric Railway
Baring Hall Hotel, Baring Road +i
Baring Road +
Beckenham Place
Beckenham Place Park
Bell Green
Bell PH, Sydenham Road
Bellingham (Derivation)
Bird in Hand PH, Dartmouth Road
Blackheath - Golf
Blackheath - Gravel Pits
Blackheath - Highwaymen
Blackheath - History
Blackheath (Derivation)
Blackheath (Village)
Blackheath Fair +
Blackheath Halls
Blackheath Hill (Street)
Blythe Hill
Blythe Hill - High_Views
Boone's Almshouses
Brockley (Derivation)
Brockley Green
Brockley Jack Inn
Brockley Road +i
Brockley Station  +
Bromley Road  +i
Bromley Road - Milestone (8 Miles)
Canal Cottage, Waldram Crescent
Canonbie Road
Canonbie Road - High_Views
Capitol Cinema
Castle Bar
Catford (Derivation)
Catford Market
Catford Road
Catford Road - Flooding 1968
Cedars, The
Christ Church, Forest Hill
Coach & Horses PH, Lewisham High Street +i
Cobb's Store
Colfe's Grammar School - Lewisham
Cornmill Gardens
Cox's Walk --- CAMB
Croydon Canal - Devonshire Road
Croydon Canal - Large Maps
Croydon Canal - Sydenham Bridge
Croydon Canal [COMM]
Crystal Palace & Sth Jctn Railway [COMM]
Crystal Palace, Sydenham Hill [Bromley]
Dacres Road
Dacres Wood
Dartmouth Arms PH, Dartmouth Road
Dartmouth Road
Dartmouth Row, Blackheath
David's Road
Devonshire Road
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church
Docklands Light Railway [COMM]
Dolphin PH, Sydenham Road +i
Downham (Derivation)
Downham Woodland Walk +i
Dracula's Castle --- Eliot Lodge
Eliot Bank
Eliot Hill, Blackheath
Eliot Lodge
Ellerslie, Sydenham Hill
Elms, Sydenham Hill, The
Elverson Road DLR Station
Farnboro House
Firs, Sydenham Hill, The
Folly, Liphook Crescent --- Tewkesbury Lodge
Forest Hill
Forest Hill - Hills
Forest Hill - Maps
Forest Hill - Maps - Large
Forest Hill - Post Codes
Forest Hill (Derivation)
Forest Hill Hotel, Stanstead Road
Forest Hill Library +i
Forest Hill Mural
Forest Hill Road [COMM]
Forest Hill Station
Forester's Arms PH, Perry Vale
Fox & Hounds PH, Kirkdale
Gas Works, Lower Sydenham
George Inn, Rushey Green
German Church --- Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church
Golden Lion PH, Sydenham Road +i
Grange Court --- Southwood & St Margaret's
Great North Wood [COMM]
Green Man PH, Southend +i
Greyhound Inn, Sydenham
Greystead Road - High_Views
Halifax Street
Hamilton Lodge
Hare & Billet Road +i
Havelock House
Highfield, Sydenham Hill
Hill House, Honor Oak Road
Hilly Fields
Hilly Fields - High_Views
Holy Trinity, Sydenham Park
Honor Oak (Derivation)
Honor Oak Road
Honor Oak Station
Horniman Drive
Horniman Family [PERS]
Horniman Gardens
Horniman Gardens - High_Views
Horniman Museum
Jews Walk
Kent House Road
Kent-Surrey Border [COMM]
Ladywell (Derivation)
Ladywell (Mineral Spring)
Ladywell Fields - Flooding 1968
Ladywell Fields +i
Ladywell Road +
Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell +i
Lammas Green
Lee (Derivation)
Lee High Road
Lee High Road - Milestone (6 Miles)
Lee, Manor of
Lengthman's House, Stanstead Road
Lewes, Roman Road to - Lewisham
Lewes, Roman Road to [COMM]
Lewisham (Derivation)
Lewisham Bridge Mill
Lewisham Clock Tower +i
Lewisham DLR Station
Lewisham Fire Station (Old) +i
Lewisham High Street
Lewisham Hill +i
Lewisham Hospital +i
Lewisham Market
Lewisham Mural +i
Lewisham Rail Crash
Lewisham Town Hall (Old) +
Lewisham Town Hall +i
Lewisham, Manor of
Loampit Vale +
London & Croydon Railway [COMM]
London Road, Forest Hill
Longton Hall, Westwood Hill
Man of Kent PH, Sydenham Road +i
Manor Mount
Mayow Park
Mayow Road
Meridian Line - Bromley Road
Mill Gardens --- Windmill PH, Kirkdale
Morden College --- GREE
Moss Grange, Forest Hill
Mount Gardens
Mount, Forest Hill, The
Mountsfield Park
Mountsfield Park - High_Views
Naborhood Centre
New Tiger's Head PH, Lee +i
Old House, Sydenham Road +i
Old Tiger's Head PH, Lee +i
Pagoda, The
Paragon, Blackheath --- GREE
Pedestrian Subway, Forest Hill
Perry Hill
Perry Hill PH --- Two Brewers PH
Perry Mount House
Perry Rise +i
Perry Vale
Place House, Perry Hill
Pneumatic Railway [Bromley]
Poole, River
Prendergast School
Presbyterian Church, Forest Hill
Quaggy, River - Clarendon Rise +i
Quaggy, River - Lewisham Clock Tower +i
Quaggy, River - Lewisham Station +
Quaggy, River [COMM]
Queenswood Road +p
Queenswood Road Nature Reserve
Railway Tavern, Southend Lane +i
Railway Telegraph PH, Sunderland Road +
Ravensbourne, River - Bamford Road
Ravensbourne, River - Beckenham Hill Road
Ravensbourne, River - Ladywell Fields
Ravensbourne, River - Loampit Vale
Ravensbourne, River - Molesworth Street
Ravensbourne, River - Poole, River
Ravensbourne, River - Spring Brook +p
Ravensbourne, River [COMM]
Ringmore Rise
Ringmore Rise - High_Views
Riverdale Mill
Route from Lewisham to Bromley - Lewisham
Route from New Cross to Footscray - Lewisham
Rushey Green
Rustic Bridge, Sydenham Hill Wood --- CAMB
Rutland Arms PH, Perry Hill
S_t Antholin (Spire)
S_t Bartholomew, Sydenham
S_t Clair, Sydenham Hill +i - TO BE COMPLETED
S_t Dunstan's College, Catford
S_t George, Perry Hill
S_t Germain's PH, Brockley Rise
S_t John the Baptist, Southend +i
S_t Laurence, Catford
S_t Margaret, Lee
S_t Mary the Virgin, Lewisham
S_t Mary's Vicarage, Lewisham +i
S_t Philip, Taylor's Lane
Silverdale Lodge
Southend Lane +i
Southend Mill (Lower Mill)
Southend Mill (Upper Mill)
Southwark & Vauxhall Water Company - Forest Hill
Southwood, Sydenham Hill
Spotted Cow PH, Hither Green Lane +i
Spring Brook
Stanstead Road
Stanstead Road - St Olave, Hart Street Posts
Stanstead Road - Tobacco Jars
Surrey Mount
Sydenham (Derivation)
Sydenham Common
Sydenham Hill (Hill) - Views [COMM]
Sydenham Hill (Hill) [COMM]
Sydenham Hill (Street) - Lewisham
Sydenham Hill (Street) [COMM]
Sydenham Hill House, Sydenham Hill
Sydenham Road
Sydenham Station
Sydenham Wells
Sydenham Wells Park
Talma PH, Wells Park Road
Taylor's Lane
Tewkesbury Lodge
Thackeray Almshouses
Tiger's Head PH, Lee --- New Tiger's Head
Tiger's Head PH, Lee --- Old Tiger's Head
Tiger's Head PH, Southend +i
Tranquil Vale +i
Tresillian Road +i
Two Brewers PH, Perry Hill
Upper Sydenham Station
Watling Street - Lewisham
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Wells Park Road
Westwood Hill (Street)
Westwood Park
White House, Westwood Park
Whitefield's Mount
Windmill PH, Kirkdale
Wood Vale
Wood, Sydenham Hill, The
Woodman PH, Kirkdale
Wricklemarsh --- GREE


Greater London +
Greater London Boroughs
Growth of London
Growth of London [STORE]
London by Night --- 'SUBJ'Seasons in London'
Metropolitan London


Morden - milestone
Morden Hall Road - milestone


Abbey Creek
Abbey Lane Gas Works
Abbey Mill
Abbey Mills Pumping Station
Abbey Road DLR Station
Albert Dock --- Royal Royal Dock
ArcelorMittal Orbit (Public Art)
Barking Abbey
Barrier Point
Beckton (Derivation)
Beckton Alps
Beckton DLR Station
Beckton Park DLR Station
Bow Back Rivers
Bow Gas Works
Bow Locks
Cable Car --- Emirates Cable Car
Canning Town DLR Station
Canning Town Wharf
Carpenters Lock
Channelsea Path
Channelsea River
City Mill Lock
City Mill River
Clock Mill, Three Mills
Connaught Crossing
Connaught Tunnel +i
Crystal Exhibition Centre +
Custom House DLR Station
Cyprus (Derivation)
Cyprus DLR Station
Dockers' Statue, Royal Docks
Emirates Cable Car [COMM]
Empire Mills
ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Gallions Hotel, Royal Albert Dock +
Gallions Reach DLR Station
George V Dock --- King George V Dock
Greenway [COMM]
Greenway, Abbey Mills
Greenway, Canning Road
Greenway, Stratford High Street
House Mill, Three Mills
King George V DLR Station
King George V Dock
Langthorne Abbey --- Stratford Langthorne Abbey
Lea, Old River [COMM]
Lea, River [COMM]
Leamouth Penninsula
Lee Navigation [COMM]
Limmo Penninsula
London City Airport
London City Airport DLR Station
Lyle Factory
Lyle Park
Marshgate Lock
Meridian Line, Greenway
Millennium Mills
North Woolwich Road Footbridge
North Woolwich Station
Northern Outfall Sewer [COMM]
Octagon, Connaught Crossing, The
Old River Lea --- Lea, Old River
Orbit Tower --- ArcelorMittal Orbit (Public Art)
Pontoon Dock DLR Station
Prescott Channel
Prince Regent DLR Station
Pudding Mill
Pudding Mill Lane DLR Station
Pudding Mill River
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park +
Royal Albert DLR Station
Royal Albert Dock
Royal Victoria DLR Station
Royal Victoria Dock
Royal Victoria Dock Footbridge
S_t Margaret, Barking
S_t Mary Abbey, Stratford --- Stratford Lanthorne Abbey
S_t Mary Stratford Langthorne, Abbey of
S_t Thomas's Mill --- Pudding Mill
Silvertown Explosion
Silvertown Explosion (Memorial)
Silvertown Quays
Star Lane DLR Station
Stratford DLR Station
Stratford High Street DLR Station
Stratford International DLR Station +
Stratford International Station
Stratford Lanthorne Abbey --- St Mary Stratford Lanthorne, Abbey of
Stratford Market Depot (Underground)
Stratford Shopping Centre --- Westfield, Stratford City
Stratford Station
Tate & Lyle
Temple Mill Stream --- Waterworks River
Temple Mills
Thames Barrier Park
Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Company
Three Mills Island
Three Mills Wall River
Victoria Dock --- Royal Victoria Dock
Waterworks River
West Ham Abbey --- St Mary Stratford Lanthorne, Abbey of
West Ham DLR Station
West Ham Station
West Silvertown DLR Station
Westfield, Stratford City +
Yardley's Box Factory



Sou - Berm

Abbey Street
Abbey Street Railway Bridge
Abbots Lane --- Battle Inn
Acorn Stairs, Rotherhithe
Alaska Factory
Albion Channel
Albion Dock
Albion Street
Angel Tavern, Bermondsey Wall east
Antigallican PH, Tooley Street
Aston Webb House
Barnard's Wharf (Sculpture)
Battle Bridge Lane --- Battle Inn
Battle Inn
Belfast (Ship)
Bermondsey   +
Bermondsey - Industry
Bermondsey - Leather
Bermondsey (Derivation)
Bermondsey Abbey
Bermondsey Health Centre
Bermondsey Reference Library
Bermondsey Settlement
Bermondsey Spa
Bermondsey Square
Bermondsey Street +i
Bermondsey Street, 78
Bermondsey Town Hall
Bermondsey Underground Station +i
Bermondsey Wall (Street)
Bermondsey, Manor of
Bevin, Ernest (Bust) +
Bevington, Samuel (Statue) +
Black Swan Yard --- Bermondsey Street
Blacksmiths Arms PH, Rotherhithe Street +i
Blue Anchor PH, Southwark Park Road
Booth's Gin Distillery --- Aston Webb House
Braidwood, James (Memorial)
Braithwaite & Dean
Brandram's Wharf
Bricklayers' Arms Station
Bridge House, Bermondsey
Brunel Museum
Bull Wharf, Rotherhithe
Butler's Wharf
Butler's Wharf Pier
Canada Dock
Canada Estate +i
Canada Water
Canada Water Library
Canada Water Underground Station
Canada Wharf
Castrol, Rotherhithe --- Lavender Wharf
Cathay Street
Caulkers PH, Rotherhithe
Chamberlain's Wharf
Chambers Wharf & Cold Stores Ltd  +
Cherry Garden Pier +i
Cherry Garden Stairs
Cherry Garden, Rotherhithe
China Wharf
Church Stairs, Rotherhithe
Circle, The
City Hall
Clarence Wharf Jetty
Columbia Wharf
Columbus Point --- Canada Estate
Commercial Pier Wharf
Corbett's Lane Junction
Corbett's Wharf +p
Cotton's Wharf -i
Cottons Centre
Courage Brewery
Crown Court, Southwark
Curlicue (Public Art)
Dame de Serk (Ship)
Dancers (Public Art)
Deal Porters (Public Art)
Design Museum
Dinorwic Wharf
Dockhead House
Dockhead Stores PH
Dockhead Wharf, Shad Thames
Docklands Settlement, Rotherhithe
Dolphin --- Fountain Green Dolphin
Dolphin --- London Grist Mill Dolphin
Dolphin --- Surrey Lock Dolphin
Durand's Wharf
Durand's Wharf Park
Earl's Sluice [COMM]
Edward III's Manor House
Elephant Stairs
Enthoven & Sons, H J - 247 Rotherhithe Street, lead works
Exotic Cargo (Public Art)
Fashion & Textile Museum
Finnish Church
Fitchetts PH, Rotherhithe Street +i
Fleece PH, Abbey Street
Fountain Green
Fountain Green Dolphin  +i
Fountain Stairs
Globe Stairs
Globe Wharf
Golden Lion PH, Rotherhithe New Road
Grand Surrey Canal - Greenland Dock Entrance
Grand Surrey Canal - Thames Entrance
Grand Surrey Canal [COMM]
Grange Road
Grange Road Baths
Grange Walk
Greenland Dock
Greenland Dock - Entry Lock
Greenland Pier
Grices Granary +
Griffin's Wharf, Tooley Street
Gulliver Street
Hanover Stairs
Harpy, The
Hartley's Jam Factory  +
Hay's Court (Dev), Rotherhithe Street
Hay's Galleria
Hay's Wharf
Hay's Wharf Dock
Hay's Wharf Offices +i
High Views --- Maydew House
Hilton London Docklands Riverside Hotel
Hilton London Tower Bridge
Hope Sufferance Wharf
Horn Stairs
Horniman at Hays PH +p
Horseferry Stairs, Rotherhithe
Horselydown Square
Horselydown Stairs, Rotherhithe
Houseboats --- Reed's Wharf Houseboats
Howland Great Wet Dock
Huguenot Burial Ground, Long Lane
Hydraulic Power Company, Rotherhithe
Island Dock
Jacob the Horse (Public Art)
Jacob's Island
Jamaica Road
Jamaica Tavern, Bermondsey
Jamaica Wharf, Shad Thames +i
Java Wharf, Shad Thames
Jolly Gardeners PH
Keyse Road --- Bermondsey Spa
King & Queen Wharf (Dev)
King's Stairs Gardens
King's Stairs, Rotherhithe
Knot Garden
Lady Dock
Lagado Mews
Lavender Dock
Lavender Dock - Entry Lock
Lavender Dock Pumphouse
Lavender Wharf
Lawrence Wharf
Leather Exchange PH, Leathermarket Street
Leather Exchange, Bermondsey (New)
Leather Exchange, Bermondsey (Old)
Leathermarket Street
Leathersellers' College
Lewes Inn
London & Greenwich Railway - Abbey Street
London Bridge [COMM-Outline]
London Bridge City Pier +i
London Bridge Hospital
London Bridge Mosaic
London Bridge Quarter
London Bridge Station
London Bridge Street, 25
London Bridge, No 1
London Grist Mill
London Grist Mill Dolphin +
London Hilton Tower Bridge +
Long Lane +i
Lower Road, Rotherhithe
Lower Road, Rotherhithe - Milestone +i
Maggie Blake's Cause --- Butler's Wharf
Mark Brown's Wharf
Maydew House
Mayflower PH, Rotherhithe Street
Metal Box Co
Mill Stairs, Bermonsdey
Mill Street +i
Mills & Knight Ltd --- Nelson Dock
Moby Dick PH, Onega Gate, Rotherhithe
Monk & Glass
More London (Dev)
Morocco Street --- Leathermarket Street
Navigators (Public Art) +i
Neckinger Estate
Neckinger Mills
Neckinger, River +i
Nelson Dock
Nelson Dock - Slides (1024)
Nelson Dock Pier
Nelson House
New Caledonian Wharf (Dev) --- Redriff Wharf
New Concordia Wharf
New London Bridge House
No 1 London Bridge --- London Bridge, No 1
North Entrance --- Surrey Basin - Entry Lock
Norway Cut
Norway Cut Swing Bridge --- South Dock - Entry Lock
Norway Dock
Norwegian Church, Rotherhithe
Obelisk --- Pageant Stairs Obelisk
Odessa Wharf
Old Justice PH,
Old Salt Quay PH --- Spice Island PH
One London Bridge --- London Bridge, No 1
Onega Gate --- Russia Dock
Pageant Stairs
Pageant Stairs Obelisk
Pageant Wharf
Paradise Street, Rotherhithe +i
Pearce, Duff & Co +
Peek, Frean & Co +
Peter Hill's School
Pilgrim Father (Public Art) --- Sunshine Weekly and the Pilgrim's Pocket
Place, LBQ, The +i
Police Station (Old), Bermondsey Street
Pont de la Tour Restaurant +i
Potter's Fields
Princes Tower, Rotherhithe +
Quebec Dock
Quill, The (Dev)
Randall's Rents +i
Red Bridge, Rotherhithe Street --- Rotherhithe Street Rolling Bascule Bridge
Red Lion PH, Lower Road
Redriff Road Rolling Bascule Bridge
Redriff Wharf
Reed's Wharf +
Reed's Wharf Houseboats +i
Regina Point --- Canada Estate
Rope Garden --- Knot Garden
Rotherhithe  +i
Rotherhithe (Derivation)
Rotherhithe Fire Station (Old)
Rotherhithe Station
Rotherhithe Street
Rotherhithe Street - Milestone
Rotherhithe Street Rolling Bascule Bridge
Rotherhithe Tunnel [COMM]
Rotherhithe Village Wharves
Rotherhithe, Manor of
Russia Dock
Russia Dock Passage
Russia Dock Woodland
Russia Dock Woodland - Bridges
Russia Dock Woodland - Compass
S_t Andrew's Wharf, Shad Thames +i
S_t Augustine Inn, Tooley Street
S_t George's Wharf, Shad Thames +i
S_t James, St James's Road
S_t James's Tavern St James's Road
S_t John, Horselydown +
S_t John's Tavern, Tooley Street
S_t Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey Street
S_t Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey Street - Rectory
S_t Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey Street - Watch House
S_t Mary, Rotherhithe
S_t Mary, Rotherhithe - Lee Boo
S_t Marychurch Street +i
S_t Olave, Tooley Street
S_t Olave's & St Saviour's Grammar School
S_t Olave's Grammar School
S_t Olave's Grammar School, Orpington --- 'Bromley'
S_t Olave's Library, Tooley Street
S_t Saviour's Dock
S_t Saviour's Dock Footbridge
S_t Saviour's Wharf, Mill Street
S_t Saviour's Wharf, Shad Thames
S_t Thomas Street
Salter Road
Salter, Alfred (Plaque)
Salter, Alfred (Statue)
Scandic --- Hilton London Docklands Riverside Hotel
Scott Lidgett Crescent +i
Shad Thames +i
Shard of Glass
Ship & Mermaid Row, Weston Street  +i
Ship & Whale Tavern, Gulliver Street, Rotherhithe
Ship York PH,  +i
Shipwright's Arms PH, Tooley Street  +i
Shuters Wharf, Shad Thames  +
Simon the Tanner PH, Long Lane  +i
Snowsfields  +i
Solarium, Grange Road
South Dock
South Dock - Entry Lock
South Dock Swing Footbridge +i
South Eastern Railway Offices
South Wharf Stairs, Rotherhithe +i
South Wharf, Rotherhithe
Southwark Fire Station
Southwark Park  +
Southwark Park - Ada Salter Garden
Southwark Park - Caryatids
Southwark Park - Tree of Heaven
Southwark Towers
Spa Road
Spa Road Station
Spice Island PH
Stave Dock
Stave Hill
Stave Hill - High_Views
Stave Hill (Bronze)
Sunshine Weekly and the Pilgrim's Pocket (Public Art)
Surrey Basin
Surrey Basin - Entry Lock
Surrey Comm Docks
Surrey Comm Docks - Commodities
Surrey Comm Docks - Dock Formation
Surrey Comm Docks - Names
Surrey Comm Docks - Panorama 01
Surrey Comm Docks - Panorama 02
Surrey Docks Farm
Surrey Docks Offices
Surrey Lock Dolphin
Surrey Quays Shopping Centre
Surrey Water --- Surrey Basin
Tanner Street +i
Tanner Street Playground
Tempus Wharf  +
Thames Rice Mills --- Globe Wharf
Thames Steam Ferry [COMM]
Thames Tunnel [COMM]
Thames Tunnel Mill
Time & Talents Settlement, Bermondsey Street
Tooley Street
Tooley Street - Aerial 1
Tooley Street - Aerial 2
Tooley Street - Aerial 3
Tooley Street - Barges
Tooley Street Fire
Toppings Wharf
Torso (Public Art)
Tower Bridge [COMM]
Tunnel Wharf (Dev) +i
Tyers Gate  +
Unicorn Theatre +
Vitak Timber Imports Ltd --- Lawrence Wharf
Vogan's Mill
Walker, James (Bust)
Waterfall (Public Art)
Watson's Telegraph
West Lane
White Hart Inn, Bermondsey Street
Whitening Stairs
Wibbley Wobbley
Wilson Grove
Woodyard, Bermondsey Street
Woolpack PH, Bermondsey Street

Sou - Camb

Addington Square +i
Aged Pilgrims Society Almshouses
Alleyn's School
Asylum Tavern, Asylum Road
Bardowie, Sydenham Hill
Basing, Manor of
Beechgrove, Sydenham Hill
Beeston's Almshouses
Bell House, Dulwich
Beltwood, Sydenham Hill
Bethel Asylum
Brenchley Gardens
Brock's Firework Factory
Bun House PH, Peckham High Street +i
Burgess Park
Camberwell (Derivation)
Camberwell (Well) +p
Camberwell Church Street +i
Camberwell Green
Camberwell Green ^Images (Internet)
Camberwell Green ^Text (Internet)
Camberwell Grove
Camberwell New Cemetery
Camberwell Old Cemetery
Camberwell School of Art
Camberwell Town Hall
Camberwell, Manor of
Camberwell, Metropolitan Borough of
Canal Bridge, Old Kent Road
Caroline Gardens
Champion Lodge
Chumleigh Gardens
Clifton Crescent+i
Coldharbour, Manor of
College Road - Wastes
College Road +i
Court Lane
Cox's Walk
Crescent Wood Road
Crescent Wood Road - Parish Markers
Crescent Wood Tunnel
Crown and Greyhound PH, Dulwich
Croxted Road [COMM]
Crystal Palace & Sth Jctn Railway [COMM]
Crystal Palace High Level Station
Crystal Palace Parade +i
Dawson's Heights +i
Denmark Hill - Milestone
Denmark Hill (Street)
Denmark Hill Station
Dilkhoosh, Sydenham Hill
Drovers' PH --- Kentish Drovers
Dulwich (Derivation)
Dulwich +
Dulwich College Chapel
Dulwich College Old College
Dulwich College Public School
Dulwich College School
Dulwich Common (Street) +i
Dulwich Old Burial Ground
Dulwich Park
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Dulwich Stocks
Dulwich Toll Gate
Dulwich Village - Milestone
Dulwich Village (Street)
Dulwich Wells
Dulwich Wood +i
Dulwich Wood House PH, Sydenham Hill
Dulwich, Manor of
Earl's Sluice [COMM]
Effra, River - Belair
Effra, River - Sydenham Hill
Effra, River [COMM]
Fairwood, Sydenham Hill
Folly, Sydenham Hill --- Fairwood, Sydenham Hill
Forest Hill Road [COMM]
Fountain House --- Dilkhoosh, Sydenham Hill
Friendly Female Asylum --- Chumleigh Gardens
Friends Meeting House, Peckham
Friern, Manor of
Grand Surrey Canal - Burgess Park
Grand Surrey Canal - Camberwell Road
Grand Surrey Canal - Footbridge
Grand Surrey Canal - Peckham Arm
Grand Surrey Canal - Wells Way
Grand Surrey Canal [COMM]
Green Man Tavern --- Grove Tavern
Grove Chapel, Camberwell Grove
Grove Lane, Camberwell
Grove Tavern, Dulwich Common
Hanover Chapel, Peckham
Honor Oak --- One Tree Hill
Honor Oak Station +i
Hoo, Sydenham Hill, The
Ilderton Road
James Allen's Girls' School
Jones and Higgins
Jones, Samuel
Kentish Drovers PH, Peckham High Street
Kentish Drovers Tavern, Old Kent Road
Kingswood House
Lambeth Water Company --- Sydenham Hill Reservoir
Lapsewood Walk +
Lapsewood, Sydenham Hill
Lewes, Roman Road to [COMM]
Licensed Victuallers' Benevolent Institution --- Caroline Gardens
Livesey Museum +p
London Road Railway Bridge
Lordship Lane +i
Lordship Lane Station
Lyncombe, Crescent Wood Road
Man of Kent PH, Nunhead Green
Mary Datchelor Girls' School
Maudsley Hospital
Melon Road --- Basing, Manor of
Merttins Road
Metropolitan Beer and Wine Trade Society Almshouses
Milkwell, Manor of
Milner's Academy
North Peckham Civic Centre
Nunhead (Derivation)
Nunhead Cemetery
Nunhead Cemetery - High_Views
Nunhead Green
Old Kent Road [COMM]
Old Nun's Head PH, Nunhead Green
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill - High_Views
Palyn's Almshouses
Paxton Tunnel
Peck, River +i
Peckham (Derivation)
Peckham +p
Peckham Civic Centre --- North Peckham Civic Centre
Peckham High Street
Peckham Library
Peckham Park --- Peckham Rye Park
Peckham Rye (Area)
Peckham Rye Common +p
Peckham Rye Park
Peckham, Manor of
Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham
Pyrotechnist's Arms PH, Nunhead Green +i
Red Post Hill
Red Post Hill - Milestone
Rustic Bridge, Sydenham Hill Wood
Rye Lane +i
S_t Antholin, Nunhead
S_t Augustine, Honor Oak Park
S_t Barnabas, Dulwich
S_t George, Wells Way +i
S_t Giles Hospital +i
S_t Giles, Camberwell
S_t Peter, Lordship Lane +i
S_t Stephen, College Road +i
South London Art Gallery
South Metropolitan Gas Company +p
Southampton Way
Southwark Council Offices +i
Southwark, London Borough of +
Sydenham Hill - Views [COMM]
Sydenham Hill (Street) - Camberwell
Sydenham Hill (Street) [COMM]
Sydenham Hill Reservoir
Sydenham Hill Wood
Tiger PH, Camberwell Green
Vicar's Oak
Watling Street - Camberwell +
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Watson's Telegraph - One Tree Hill
Watson's Telegraph - Sydenham Hill
Watson's Telegraph [COMM]
Wells Way +i
William Booth Memorial Training College
Wilson's Grammar School
Woodlands, Sydenham Hill +i

Sou - Sout

Alexandra Bridge [COMM]
Alfred the Great (Statue)
Anchor Brewery, Southwark
Anchor Tavern, Southwark
Axe & Bottle Inn, Borough High Street
Bankside (Street)
Bankside 123
Bankside Lofts
Bankside Pier
Bankside Power Station
Barclay & Perkins Brewery --- Anchor Brewery, Southwark
Barge House Stairs +u
Barge House, Southwark
Bear Garden, Southwark
Beetham Tower  +
Bethlehem Hospital, Southwark
Blackfriars Bridge [COMM]
Blackfriars Railway Bridge [COMM]
Blackfriars Stairs +i
Boiler Suit (Public Art)
Borough Cafe +i
Borough Compter
Borough High Street
Borough High Street - 01 Northern End
Borough High Street - 02 Around Island Site
Borough High Street - 03 N of St George the Martyr
Borough High Street - 04 S of St George the Martyr
Borough High Street - Aerial Views
Borough High Street - Harvard, John (Plaque)
Borough Market
Borough Market - Pottery
Borough Market Bridge +
Borough Market Viaduct
Borough Post Office +
Bricklayers Arms Terminus
Calverts Buildings
Cannon Street Railway Bridge [COMM]
Cardinal Cap Alley
Cardinal's Wharf
Castle PH, Old Kent Road +p
Catherine Wheel Inn, Borough High Street
Chapel Court
Christ Church, Southwark +p
Clink Prison
Clink Street
Clink, Liberty of the
Counter Court --- Borough Compter
Dog & Bear Inn +u
Dog & Pot (Sculpture)
Doggett's Coat and Badge PH
Elephant and Castle PH, Newington Causeway
Evelina Hospital, Southwark
Falcon Tavern, Bankside +p
Ferryman's Seat
Field & Sons, Estate Agents
Fishmongers' Almshouses, Newington Causeway
Founders Arms PH, Hopton Street
George Inn, Borough High Street
Giraffe PH --- Surrey Zoological Gardens
Glaziers' & Scientific Instrument Makers' Hall
Globe Theatre
Globe Theatre (Replica)
Golden Hinde (Ship)
Great Guildford Street +u
Great Liberty --- Southwark, Great Liberty
Guildable Manor --- Southwark, Guildable Manor of
Guy, Thomas (Statue)
Guy's Hospital
Guy's Tower
Guy's Tower - High_Views (Internet)
Hop and Malt Exchange
Hop Memorial +i
Hope Theatre
Hopton Street +i
Hopton's Almshouses +i
Horsemonger Lane Gaol +p
Island Site - Hop Memorial
Island Site --- St Margaret, Southwark
Keats, John (Plaque)
Keats, John (Statue)
Kentish Buildings
King's Arms PH, Newcomen Street
King's Bench Prison
King's Head Inn --- Olde King's Head Inn
King's Reach Tower
Lambeth Road +i
Le May Hop Factors
Lock Hospital, Southwark
London Bridge - Dragons [COMM]
London Bridge [COMM-Outline]
London Bridge Station --- 'BERM'
London Bridge Underground Station +i
Maidstone Buildings
Mamam (Public Art)
Marshalsea Prison
Mermaid Court
Metropolitan Tabernacle
Millennium Bridge [COMM]
Mint, Southwark
Monument to the Unknown Artist (Public Art)
Nags Head Inn, Borough High Street
Newcomen Street +i
Newington +p
Newington Butts (Street) +p
Newington Causeway +
Old Kent Road [COMM]
Old Thameside Inn, Clink Street
Olde King's Head Inn, Borough High Street, Ye
OXO Tower - Views
OXO Tower +i
Paris Garden
Paris Garden Circus
Paris Garden Theatre +
Park Street
Provost's House, Southwark
Queen's Head Inn, Borough High Street
Redcross Way
Rochester House, Southwark
Roman Bath, Borough High Street
Rose Theatre
S_t George the Martyr, Southwark
S_t George's Cathedral
S_t George's Circus
S_t Margaret, Southwark
S_t Margaret's Court
S_t Mary Magdalene, Southwark
S_t Mary Overy Dock
S_t Mary Overy, Priory of
S_t Mary Overy, Priory of - Weeping Chancel
S_t Mary, Newington
S_t Saviour, Southwark
S_t Saviour's & St Olave's School +u
S_t Saviour's Grammar School
S_t Thomas Street
S_t Thomas the Apostle, Southwark
S_t Thomas's Hospital, Newington
S_t Thomas's Hospital, Southwark
Shard of Glass --- 'BERM'
Skin Market Place
Southwark (Derivation)
Southwark Bridge [COMM]
Southwark Bridge Road +i
Southwark Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral - Exterior
Southwark Cathedral - Interior
Southwark Cathedral - Models
Southwark Cathedral - Night
Southwark Cathedral - Visitor Centre
Southwark Fair
Southwark Mint --- Mint, Southwark
Southwark Street
Southwark Street +u
Southwark Town Hall, Borough High Street
Southwark Town Hall, Walworth
Southwark, Great Liberty
Southwark, Guildable Manor of
Southwark, King's Manor
Southwark, London Borough of +
Southwark, Metropolitan Borough of
Spur Inn, Borough High Street
Stews (Bankside), The
Stones End +u
Stoney Street +u
Strata (Tower)
Suffolk House, Southwark
Surrey Zoological Gardens
Swan Theatre
Tabard Inn, Borough High Street
Talbot Yard - Chaucer, Geoffery (Plaque)
Tate Modern
Tate Modern - High_Views (ACP)
Tate Modern - High_Views (Internet)
Thomas a Becket PH, Old Kent Road
Three Tuns Yard, Borough High Street
Trinity Square +i
Vine Yard, Borough High Street
Vinopolis +i
Walworth (Derivation)
Walworth Road
Walworth, Manor of
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Watling Street, Southwark
West Square
West Square - Admiralty Semaphore Telegraph
West Square - Admiralty Shutter Telegraph
Wheatsheaf PH, Stoney Street +
White Hart Inn, Borough High Street
White Lion Prison
Winchester House, Southwark
Windmill PH, Park Street
World Turned Upside-down PH, Old Kent Road



Shown below (in three columns) is a working list of all the places in Inner London (and a few in adjacent Outer London Boroughs) that have been researched. Each place name is listed under the London Borough in which it is situated. If you find a place that interests you, please ask for further information about its history by sending an email to Adrian. The email address is to be found on the HOME page of this Website.
Places in Inner London
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Brighton Road - milestone
Ewell - in Borough of Epson & Ewell - near Sutton
Rose Hill - milestone
Sutton High Street - milestone


Ark Royal (Ship) +
Balmoral (Ship)
Cherabin (Ship)
Kingswear Castle (Ship)
Ocean (Ship), HMS  +
Tall Ships +

Tow - Beth

Bethnal Green (Area) +
Bethnal Green (Derivation) +
Bethnal Green (Green) +
Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
Bethnal Green Town Hall
Bethnal Green War Memorial  +
Bethnal Green, Metropolitan Borough of +
Bethnal House +
Bishop's Hall, Bethnal Green
Blind Beggar PH, Whitechapel Road
Bonner Road
Brick Lane
Brick Lane Market
Cambridge Heath (Derivation)
Columbia Market
Industrial Dwellings
Netteswell House
Old Ford Lock
Old Ford Road
Paradise Row
Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children
Regent's Canal [COMM]
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish)
S_t John, Cambridge Heath Road
S_t Matthew, St Matthew's Row
Sclater Street Market +
Stepney, Manor of
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets) [COMM]
Victoria Park [COMM]

Tow - Popl

Adams Place -Area-
All Saints DLR Station
All Saints, East India Dock Road
Archimedes (Public Art)
Arnhem Wharf
Art Glass Wall (Public Art)
Balfron Tower --- Robin Hood Gardens
Bank of America, Canary Wharf
Barclay's Tower, Canary Wharf --- Churchill Place, One
Barkantine Estate
Bazely Street
Bellmouth Passage
Big Blue, The (Public Art)
Billingsgate Fish Market, Poplar
Blackwall - 'Godspeed'
Blackwall (Derivation)
Blackwall Basin
Blackwall Basin - Entry Lock
Blackwall Basin - Entry Lock Jetty ^Views +i
Blackwall Basin - Graving Dock
Blackwall DLR Station
Blackwall Engineering --- Blackwall Yard
Blackwall River Police Station -i
Blackwall Tunnel [COMM]
Blackwall Yard (1) 1560 - Early Years
Blackwall Yard (2) 1612 - East India Company
Blackwall Yard (3) 1656 - Johnson's Yard
Blackwall Yard (4) 1742 - Perry's Yard
Blackwall Yard (5) 1789 - Brunswick Dock
Blackwall Yard (6) 1843 - Wigram & Green
Blackwall Yard (7) - Wigram & Sons
Blackwall Yard (8) 1882 - Green's
Blade of Venus (Public Art)
Blue Bridge --- Manchester Road Bridge
Bow (Derivation)
Bow Bridge
Bow Church DLR Station
Bow Creek
Bow Flyover
Bow Porcelain Factory
Bow Road
Bow Road - milestone
Bridge House, West India Docks
Bromley by Bow
Bromley by Bow (Derivation)
Bromley High Street
Brunswick Dock --- Blackwall Yard
Brunswick Wharf
Brunswick Wharf Power Station
Bryant and May
Burrells Wharf
Cabot Hall
Cabot Place
Cabot Square -Area-
Cabot Square, 10
Canada Place
Canada Square -Area-
Canada Square Park
Canada Square Planters (Public Art)
Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf - from a Distance
Canary Wharf Crossrail Station +
Canary Wharf DLR Station
Canary Wharf Estate
Canary Wharf Pier
Canary Wharf Tower
Canary Wharf Underground Station
Cannon Workshops
Cartier Circle -Area-
Cat and Canary PH
Centauro (Public Art)
Centurione (Public Art)
Chancellor Passage
Chapel House Street --- St Mary in Stepney Marsh
Charlie Brown's PH, West India Dock Road +p
Chrisp Street Market
Christ Church, Cubitt Town
Churchill Place -Area-
Churchill Place, One
CitiGroup, Canary Wharf
City Arms PH  +i
City Canal
Coldharbour (Street)
Columbus Courtyard -Area-
Columbus Screen (Public Art)
Compass Point +i
Couple On Seat (Public Art)
Crossharbour DLR Station
Cubitt Steps -Area-
Cubitt Town
Cubitt Town Wharf
Cyclops Wharf
Deptford Ferry [COMM]
Devons Road DLR Station
Docklands Enterprise (Public Art)
Docklands Light Railway [COMM]
Dockmaster's House, West India Docks
Domino Players (Public Art)
Drapers' Almshouses, Poplar
Dudgeon's Wharf
Dundee Wharf --- 'STEP'
Dundee Wharf (Dev) --- 'STEP'
East Ferry Road
East India DLR Station
East India Dock Road +
East India Docks
East India Docks - Basin
East India Docks - Commodities
East India Docks - Entry Lock
East India Docks - Export Dock
East India Docks - Import Dock
East India Docks - New Developments
East India Docks - Perimeter Wall
Express Wharf
Felstead Wharf +i
Ferry House PH, Ferry Street, Isle of Dogs  +
Fisherman's Walk
Float (Public Art)
Four Mills
Frobisher Passage
Gladstone, William (Statue) +
Glengall Bridge
Glengall Stairs
Globe (Public Art)
Great Eastern (Ship)
Green, Richard (Statue) +i
Green's Dock --- Blackwall Yard
Greenway [COMM]
Greenwich Ferry (Horseferry) [COMM]
Greenwich Tunnel [COMM]
Guard House, West India Docks
Gun PH, Coldharbour
Harbour Exchange
Henry Addington PH
Heron Quays -Area-
Heron Quays (Dev)
Heron Quays DLR Station
Hibbert Gate (Public Art)
High Views --- Barkantine Estate
Highway, The --- 'POPL'
HSBC, Canary Wharf
Hutching's Wharf (Public Art)
Island Gardens
Island Gardens DLR Station
Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs - Flooding
Isle of Dogs (Derivation)
Isle of Dogs Pumping Station +i
It Takes Two (Public Art)
Johnson's Draw Dock +i
Johnson's Yard --- Blackwall Yard
Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park -Area-
Jubilee Park, East Wintergarden
Jubilee Park, West Wintergarden
Jubilee Place
Jubilee Place Mosaics
Jubilee Place Photographic Stills
Langdon Park DLR Station
Lansbury Estate
Lapis Lazuli Map (Public Art)
LDDC Visitor Centre
Lea, Old River [COMM]
Lea, River [COMM]
Ledger Building PH
Lee Navigation [COMM]
Lenanton & Son Ltd
Limehouse Cut [COMM]
Limehouse Cut, Poplar
London and Blackwall Railway [COMM]
London Yard (Dev) +i
Lotus Restaurant
Lower Bromley, Manor of
Luralda Wharf
Mackenzie Walk
Maconochies Wharf
Man with Arms Open (Public Art)
Manchester Road Bridge
Manchester Road Bridge ^Views
Manchester Street
Mare & Co, CJ (The Forge)
Mariner's Astrolabe (Public Art)
Marsh Wall (Street)
McDougall's Flour Mill
McGraw Hill
McKenzie Walk --- MacKenzie Walk
Meridian Line, Blackwall
Meyer, Montague  L
Millennium View (Dev)
Milligan, Robert (Statue)
Millwall Docks
Millwall Docks - Comodities
Millwall Docks - Entry Lock
Millwall Docks - Graving Dock
Millwall Docks - Inner Dock
Millwall Docks - Link to South Dock
Millwall Docks - Outer Dock
Millwall Docks - Sunset
Millwall Docks - Travelling Cranes
Millwall Iron Works
Millwall Wharf (Dev) +i
Millwall Wharf Pier ^Views
Millwall Wharf Pier +i
Montague Meyer --- Meyer, Montague L
Montgomery Square -Area-
Mudchute DLR Station
Mudchute Farm +
Museum in Docklands
Napier Wharf
Nash Court -Area-
New Providence Wharf (Dev)
Newcastle Draw Dock -i
North Pole PH, Manilla Street, Isle of Dogs
North Quay Warehouses, West India Docks
Northern Outfall Sewer [COMM]
Northumberland House - Archway
Odyssey Wharf
Old Ford (Area)
Old Ford (Derivation)
Old Ford Locks
Original Form (Public Art)
Pan Peninsula Towers
People's Palace
Perry's Yard --- Blackwall Yard
Pierhead Lock (Dev)
Pilgrims' Way to Waltham Abbey [COMM]
PLA Ambulance Station, West India Docks
PLA Police Offices, West India Docks
Poplar (Derivation)
Poplar & Blackwall Rowing Club -i
Poplar DLR Station
Poplar Docks
Poplar High Street
Poplar Town Hall
Poplar, Manor of
Poplar, Metropolitan Borough of
Port East
Prestons Road
Pumping Station --- Isle of Dogs Pumping Station
Readers Digest
Renaissance (Public Art)
Returning to Embrace (Public Art)
Reuters, Blackwall
River City, Leamouth Penninsula
Robin Hood Gardens
Roman Road Market
Roman Road, Tower Hamlets [COMM]
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish) [COMM]
S_t Leonard, Convent of
S_t Leonard's Street
S_t Mary in Stepney Marsh
S_t Mary the Virgin, Bromley St Leonard
S_t Mary, Stratford le Bow
S_t Matthias, Poplar High Street
Samuda Estate +i
Samuda Wharf
Saunders Ness  +
Saunders Ness Road
Scott Russell (Counting House) --- Millwall Ironworks
Scott Russell Works --- Millwall Iron Works
Scottish Presbyterian Church
Seacon Wharf (Dev)
Shadow Play (Public Art)
Sir John McDougal Gardens
Six Public Clocks (Public Art)
South Dock
South Dock - Entry Lock
South Dock - Western Entrance
South Quay -Area-
South Quay DLR Station
South Quay Footbridge
South Quay Plaza
South Quay Temporary Footbridge
South Quay Temporary Footbridge ^Views
Speaking of the River (Public Art)
Stepney, Manor of [COMM]
Storm Water --- Isle of Dogs Pumping Station
Testa Addormentata (Public Art)
Three Mills, River Lea +
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets) [COMM]
Tower Hamlets, London Borough of
Traffic Light Tree (Public Art)
Trial with Light (Public Art)
Trinity House Workshops
Trinity Wharf, Blackwall +i
Twentieth Century Thames (Public Art)
Two Men on a Bench (Public Art)
Vanishing Point (Public Art)
Victoria Park [COMM]
Virginia Quay (Dev)
Virginia Settlers (Memorial)
Waitrose, Canary Wharf
Waterman's Arms PH, Glenaffric Avenue
West India Avenue -Area-
West India Dock - Entry Lock
West India Dock Pier +
West India Docks
West India Docks - Aerial Picture +
West India Docks - Commodities
West India Docks - Export Dock
West India Docks - History Maps
West India Docks - Import Dock
West India Docks - Perimeter Wall
West India Docks - Travelling Cranes
West India Quay -Area-
West India Quay DLR Station
West India Quay Footbridge
West India Quay, No 1
West India Quay, No 1 - DATES
Westferry Circus -Area-
Westferry Circus Gates
Westferry Park
Westferry Road
Widow's Son PH, Devons Road
Wigram's Dock --- Blackwall Yard
Willoughby Passage
Willoughby Passage Gates (Public Art)
Wind of Change (Public Art)
Wind Wand (Public Art)
Wintergarden --- 'Jubilee Park'
Wood Wharf -Area-
Wren Landing -Area-

Tow - Step

Alderman Stairs
Artillery Lane [COMM]
Artillery Passage
Barley Mow PH, Narrow Street, Limehouse
Bishops Square
Bishops Square - Artefacts
Bishops Square - High_Views
Bishops Square - Open Space
Bishops Square - Public Art
Black Eagle Brewery
Black Eagle Wharf, Wapping
Blind Beggar PH --- 'BETH'
Bloom's Restaurant
Blythe's Wharf Jetty
Booth, William (Bust)
Booth, William (Statue)
Brick Lane
Brick Lane Roundel - Children
Brick Lane Roundel - Health
Brick Lane Roundel - Scissors
Brick Lane Roundel - Tankards
Brick Lane Roundel - World
Brune Street --- Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor
Cable Street
Cable Street, Battle of
Capital Wharf (Dev)
Captain Kidd PH, Wapping High Street
Carron Wharf +p
Christ Church School, Brick Lane +i
Christ Church, Spitalfields
Cinnabar Wharf (Dev)
Commercial Road +p
Commercial Road Lock (Lock 12) +i
Commercial Street
Commercial Street Roundel - Keys
Crasshe Mills, Wapping +p
Cressy Place +i
Crown & Dolphin PH, Cable Street
Dame Mico's Almshouses --- Lady Mico's Almshouses
Danish Church, Wellclose Square +
Dickens Inn, St Katharine Docks
Docklands Light Railway [COMM] +
Duke Shore
Duke Shore Stairs
Duke Shore Wharf (Dev)
Dunbar Wharf +i
Dundee Wharf
Dundee Wharf (Dev)
East Smithfield
Eastern Dock Canal
Edward VII (Bust), Mile End Road
Edward VII Park --- King Edward VII Memorial Park
Elder Street
Elder Street - No 32
Elder Street Roundel - Picture
Execution Dock
Fashion Street
Folgate Street
Folgate Street Roundel - Shuttle
Fournier Street
Fournier Street Roundel - Silk
Free Trade Wharf
Free Trade Wharf (Dev)
Garnet Street Rolling Bascule Bridge
Geese (Public Art)
General Steam Navigation Wharf
Girl with a Dolphin (Public Art)
Glamis Road Rolling Bascule Bridge
Grapes Tavern, Narrow Street
Grave Maurice PH, Whitechapel Road
Great Synagogue, Fournier Street
Green Bridge, Mile End Road
Gun Wharves
Hanbury Street
Hanbury Street Roundel - Matches
Harbour Master's Office, Limehouse
Hayfield PH, Mile End Road
Hermitage Basin
Hermitage Basin - Entry Lock
Hermitage Community Moorings +i
Hermitage Riverside Memorial
Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden +i
Hermitage Stairs
Highway, The
Holland's PH, Exmouth Street +
Holy Trinity, Minories
Honourable Artillery Company, Stepney
Horseferry, Rotherhithe [COMM]
Ivory House, St Katharine Docks
Jewish Burial Ground +
Jewish Daily News
Jewish Soup Kitchen --- Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor
Johnson's Lock +i
Jubilee Street +i
Keepier Wharf
King Edward VII Memorial Park
King Henry's Stairs
King Henry's Wharf
Lady Mico's Almshouses
Limehouse - Chinese
Limehouse (Derivation)
Limehouse Causeway
Limehouse Cut [COMM]
Limehouse Cut, Stepney
Limehouse DLR Station
Limehouse Dock --- Regent's Canal Dock
Limehouse Link [COMM]
Limehouse Town Hall +
Limekiln Dock
Limekiln Dock Footbridge
Lindley Street +i
London and Blackwall Railway [COMM]
London Docks
London Docks - Commodities
London Docks - Eastern Dock
London Docks - Main Entrance
London Docks - Perimeter Wall
London Docks - Western Dock
London Docks - Western Dock - Panorama 01
London Hospital
London Hydraulic Power Company [COMM]
London Hydraulic Power Company, Wapping
Metropolitan Wharf
Middlesex Street [COMM]
Mile End (Derivation)
Mile End Lock (09) +
Mile End Road
Mile End Road - Waste
Mile End Road Bridge --- Green Bridge
Minories --- 'ALPO'
Minories Station
Narrow Street
New Crane Stairs
New Crane Wharf
Norton Folgate (Derivation) [COMM]
Norton Folgate [COMM]
Old Artillery Ground +
Old Globe PH, Mile End Road
Oliver's Wharf
Osborne Street Roundel - Spices
Pelican Stairs
Pelican Wharf
Petticoat Lane Market +
Postern Gate
Princelet Street
Princelet Street Roundel - Viola
Princelet Street, No 6
Princelet Street, No 17
Princelet Street, No 19
Prospect of Whitby Tavern, Wapping
Prospect Wharf
Prusom's Island
Puma Court
Puma Court Roundel - Toys
Quaker Street
Railway Arms PH, Sutton Road
Ratcliffe (Derivation)
Ratcliffe Causeway --- Ratcliffe Cross Stairs
Ratcliffe Cross Stairs
Ratcliffe Highway Murders
Redmans Road +i
Regent's Canal [COMM]
Regent's Canal Dock
Regent's Canal Dock - Dockmaster's House
Regent's Canal Dock - Entry Lock
Rennie, John (Bust)
Roman Sarcophagus, Spitalfields
Roman Wall - Outline [COMM]
Roman Wall, Tower Hill
Roman Wall, Tower of London
Rope Circle (Public Art)
Ropemaker's Field
Rotherhithe Tunnel [COMM]
Rothschild Archway
Royal Mint
S_t Anne, Commercial Road, Limehouse
S_t Clare, Abbey of
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Church)
S_t Dunstan, Stepney (Parish) [COMM]
S_t George in the East, The Highway
S_t George's Town Hall +
S_t Hilda's Wharf (Dev)
S_t Hilda's Wharf +p
S_t John, Scandrett Street, Wapping
S_t John's School, Scandrett Street
S_t John's Wharves
S_t Katharine Docks
S_t Katharine Docks - Basin
S_t Katharine Docks - Commodities
S_t Katharine Docks - East Dock
S_t Katharine Docks - Entry Lock
S_t Katharine Docks - West Dock
S_t Katharine Docks Sundial --- Timepiece (Public Art)
S_t Katharine, Hospital of
S_t Katharine's Pier +i
S_t Mary Graces, Abbey of
S_t Mary Matfellon
S_t Mary Spital
S_t Mary Spital - Charnel House
S_t Paul, The Highway, Shadwell
S_t Peter ad Vincula
S_t Peter ad Vincula - Easter Service +i
Salmon Lane +i
Salmon Lane Lock +i
Sandys Row +i
Sandys Row Synagogue
Shadwell (Derivation)
Shadwell Basin
Shadwell Basin - Entry Lock
Shadwell DLR Station
Shadwell Dock Stairs --- Shadwell Stairs
Shadwell Fish Market
Shadwell Overground Station
Shadwell Stairs  +
Sidney Street
Sidney Street Siege
Sir John Franklin PH, Limehouse Cut
Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor
Spital Square
Spital Yard
Spitalfields Market
Spitalfields Market Roundel - Fruit
Spitalfields Roundels
Spitalfields Roundels - Bowler +i
Steam Baths, Brick Lane
Stepney (Derivation)
Stepney +
Stepney Green +i
Stepney Jewish Hospital +
Stepney Power Station +
Stepney, Manor of +
Stepney, Metropolitan Borough of +
Stepping Stones Farm +i
Stone Stairs, Shadwell
Swan Wharf
Ten Bells PH, Commercial Street
Tenter Ground (Street) +i
Thames Tunnel [COMM] +
Thomas More Square
Timepiece (Public Art)
Tobacco Dock (Dev)
Tobacco Dock (Dock)
Tower Beach
Tower Bridge [COMM]
Tower Bridge House
Tower Hamlets (Hamlets) [COMM] +i
Tower Hamlets Cemetery +i
Tower Hill [COMM] +i
Tower Hotel
Tower of London
Tower of London - Chapel of St John the Evangelist
Tower Pier
Tower Subway [COMM] +
Town of Ramsgate PH, Wapping High Street
Toynbee Hall
Tredegar Square
Trinity Hospital Almshouses, Stepney
Tunnel Pier
Union Stairs, Wapping
Vicinal Way +
Voyager (Public Art)
Wapping (Derivation)
Wapping +p
Wapping Basin
Wapping Basin - Entry Lock
Wapping Dock Stairs
Wapping High Street +i
Wapping Ness
Wapping New Stairs
Wapping Old Stairs +i
Wapping River Police Boat Repair Yard
Wapping River Police Station
Wapping Wall (Street) +
Waterside Gardens
Wellclose Square +
Wentworth Street +i
Wentworth Street Roundel - Purse & Coins
Western Dock Canal (N Section)
Western Dock Canal (S Section)
Westferry DLR Station
White Horse Road +i
Whitechapel Art Gallery
Whitechapel Art Gallery - Jews
Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Whitechapel Hay Market +
Whitechapel Road - Rosenberg, Isaac (Plaque)
Whitechapel Road +i
Whitechapel Station
Whitechapel Waste Market +i
Wilkes Street
Wilton's Music Hall
Woodward Fisher
York Square +i

Wan - Batt

Albert Bridge [COMM]
Albion Quay, Battersea +i
Albion Riverside, Battersea
American Embassy, Nine Elms +i
Asparagus, PH, Falcon Road
Battersea (Derivation)
Battersea Bridge [COMM]
Battersea Creek
Battersea Fields
Battersea House, Old --- Old Battersea House
Battersea Park
Battersea Park - Sub-Tropical Gardens
Battersea Power Station
Battersea Railway Bridge [COMM]
Battersea Shield
Battersea Town Hall
Battersea, Manor of
Battersea, Metropolitan Borough of
Chandler PH, Lombard Road
Chelsea Bridge [COMM]
Chelsea Ferry [COMM]
Clapham Common [COMM]
Clapham Junction Station
Devonshire House, Battersea
Falcon Brook [COMM]
Falcon Dock
Falcon Inn, St John's Hill
Foster & Partners Offices
Fowler's Horizontal Mill
New Covent Garden Market
Nine Elms
Nine Elms (Derivation)
Nine Elms Cold Store
Old Battersea House
Old Red House, Battersea
Old Swan PH, Battersea Church Road
Pagoda, Battersea Park
Plantation Wharf (Dev)
Ransome's Dock
Raven Inn, Westbridge Road
S_t John's Road, Battersea
S_t Mary, Battersea
Swan PH --- Old Swan PH
Swans (Public Art)
Thai on the River Restaurant --- Chandler PH, Lombard Road
Victoria Railway Bridge [COMM]
Wandsworth, London Borough of [COMM]
Westland Heliport

Wan - Wand

All Saints, Wandsworth
Balham (Derivation)
Balham High Road
Balham Hill
Balham, Manor of
Beverley Brook [COMM]
Boathouse PH, Putney
Duke's Head PH, Lower Richmond Road
Embankment, Putney
Falcon Brook
Fulham Park Ferry [COMM]
Fulham Railway Bridge [COMM]
Holy Trinity, Roehampton Lane
Huguenot Burial Ground
Leather Bottle PH, Garratt Lane, Tooting
London Wetlands Centre
Lower Richmond Road - Milestone
Mortlake, Manor of
Mount Clare
Nickol's Walk
Putney - Brothel Token
Putney (Derivation)
Putney Aqueduct [COMM]
Putney Bridge [COMM]
Putney Embankment
Putney Ferry (Short) [COMM]
Putney Heath
Putney Heath - Admiralty Semaphore Telegraph
Putney Heath - Admiralty Shutter Telegraph
Putney Heath - Fire-proof House
Putney Heath - Highwaymen
Putney High Street
Putney Pier
Putney Wharf Tower
Ram Brewery, Wandsworth
Roehampton (Derivation)
S_t Mary the Virgin, Putney
S_t Nicholas, Tooting Graveney
Ship PH, Wandsworth Bridge
Star and Garter PH, Lower Richmond Road
Surrey Iron Railway
Telegraph PH, Putney Heath
Tooting (Derivation)
Tooting Bec, Manor of
Tooting, Manor of
University Boat Race
Upper Tooting Road
Wandle Bridge
Wandle, River
Wandsworth (Derivation)
Wandsworth Bridge [COMM]
Wandsworth High Street
Wandsworth Park
Wandsworth Road  +
Wandsworth Town Hall
Wandsworth, London Borough of [COMM]
Wandsworth, Manor of
Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough of
West Hill, Wandsworth - Milestone
Wimbledon Windmill

Wes - Padd

Bayswater Conduit
Bayswater Tea Gardens
Bishop's Bridge Road
Brunel, Isambard (Statue)
Cabmen's Shelter, Warwick Avenue
Church Street Market
Conduit Mews
Conduit Street --- Great Conduit - Paddington
Craven Hill (Hill)
Craven Hill (Street)
Cucumber --- Merchant Square, 1
Edgware Road - Milestone
Edgware Road [COMM]
Family, Sheldon Square (Public Art)
Grand Junction Canal [COMM]
Grand Junction Canal, Paddington
Grand Union Buildings, Paddington Waterside
Great Conduit - Paddington
Great Conduit [COMM]
Great Western Hotel
Helix Bridge, Paddington Waterside
Leinster Gardens
Little Venice
Maida Avenue
Merchant Square, 1
Monsoon Building
Nissan Building
North Wharf Road, Paddington Waterside
Paddington (Derivation)
Paddington Arm Facilities, Paddington Waterside
Paddington Arm Moorings, Paddington Waterside
Paddington Central
Paddington Childrens' Hospital
Paddington Green
Paddington Station
Paddington Town Hall
Paddington Waterside
Paddington, Manor of
Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of
Point, Paddington Waterside, The
Regent's Canal [COMM]
Royal Oak Station +
S_t James, Sussex Gardens
S_t Mary Terrace
S_t Mary, Paddington Green
S_t Mary's Bridge, Paddington Waterside
S_t Mary's Hospital
Sheldon Square Footbridge
Sheldon Square, Paddington Central
Silchester, Roman Road to - Paddington
Spring Street --- Great Conduit - Paddington
Station Bridge, Paddington Waterside
Two Men (Public Art)
Warwick Avenue Bridge
Waterside (Dev), Paddington Waterside
Waterside Basin, Paddington Waterside
Waterside Footbridge, Paddington Waterside
Watling Street (Roman Road)
West End Quay, Paddington Waterside
Westbourne, Manor of
Winding, Paddington Waterside, The

Wes - Picc

Achilles Memorial
Admiral Duncan PH, Old Compton Street
Albany, The
Albermarle Street +
Albert Memorial
Algerian Coffee Stores
American Embassy
Animals in War (Memorial)
Apsley House
Argyll Arms PH, Argyll Street
Argyll Street +
Audley PH, Mount Street
Austin Reed
Baird (Plaque) --- Frith Street
Barley Mow PH, Duke Street
Bateman Street
Bath House PH, Dean Street
Beak Street
Beak Street - Canaletto, Antonio (Plaque)
Berkeley Square
Bertaux --- Maison Bertaux
Berwick Street
Berwick Street Market
Black Lion & French Horn PH, Pollen Street
Blue Posts PH, Berwick Street
Blue Posts PH, Kingly Street
Blue Posts PH, Rupert Street
Bombings Memorial --- London Bombings Memorial
Bond Street --- New Bond Street
Brewer Street
Brighton Veteran Car Run
Broadwick House
Broadwick Street
Broadwick Street Pump +i
Brook Street
Brook Street - Handel, George (Plaque)
Brook Street - Hendrix,Jimmy (Plaque)
Brown's Hotel
Brutons PH, Bruton Street
Burlington Arcade
Burlington Arms PH, Old Burlington Street
Burlington House
Cabmen's Shelter, Hanover Square
Cafe Royal
Cambridge PH, Charing Cross Road
Camisa & Son
Carlisle Arms PH, Bateman Street
Carnaby Street
Centre Point [HOLB]
Charing Cross Road [COMM]
Charles II (Statue)
Chesterfield House --- Crewe House
Clachan PH, Kingly Street
Claridge's Hotel
Coach & Horses PH, Bruton Street
Coach & Horses PH, Great Marlborough Street
Coach & Horses PH, Greek Street
Coach & Horses PH, Hill Street
Compton's of Soho PH, Old Compton Street
Constitution Arch --- 'PICC'
Courthouse Hotel
Crewe House
Crown & Two Chairmen PH, Dean Street
Crown PH, Brewer Street
Crystal Palace, Hyde Park
Curzon Street
D'Arblay Street
Dean Street
Denman Street
Devonshire Arms PH, Denman Street
Dickins & Jones
Dog & Duck PH, Bateman Street
Dorchester Hotel
Duke of Albermarle PH, Dover Street
Duke of Argyll PH, Brewer Street
Duke of Wellington PH, Wardour Street
Duke of York PH, Dering Street
Endurance PH, Berwick Street
Eros (Statue)
Floris Chocolates Ltd
Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason - Clock
French House PH, Dean Street
French Protestant Church
Frith Street
Frith Street - Baird, John (Plaque)
Frith Street - Hazlitt, William (Plaque)
Frith Street - Mozart, Wolfgang (Plaque)
Frith Street - Snow, John (Plaque)
Ganton Street
Ganton Street - Wall Socket & Plug (Public Art)
Geographical Society --- Royal Geographical Society
George II (Statue)
George PH, D'Arblay Street
Gerrard Street
Gerry's Wines
Glassblower PH, Glasshouse Street
Glasshouse Stores PH, Brewer Street
Glasshouse Street
Gloucester Coffee House
Golden Lion PH, Dean Street
Golden Square
Grapes PH, Shepherd Market, Ye
Great Exhibition --- Crystal Palace, Hyde Park
Great Marlborough Street
Great Marlborough Street Magistrates' Court
Great Windmill Street
Great Windmill Street - Hunter, William (Plaque)
Greek Street
Green Man PH, Berwick Street
Grodzinsky, A & Co Ltd
Grosvenor Arms PH, Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Chapel
Grosvenor House Hotel
Grosvenor Square
Hanover Square
Heath Hat Factory, Henry
Heddon Street
Hog's Head PH, Lisle Street
Hospital for Women
Hotel de Boulogne
Hunter, William (Plaque) --- Great William Street
Hyde Park
Hyde Park Corner
Hyde, Manor of
Intrepid Fox PH, Wardour Street
Iron Duke PH, Avery Row
John Snow PH, Broadwick Street
Kensington Gardens [COMM]
Kettner's Restaurant
King's Arms PH, Poland Street
King's Arms PH, Shepherd Market
Kingly Street
Kinnerton Street --- 'WEST'
Knightsbridge (Area)
Knightsbridge (Derivation)
L'Escargot Restaurant
Le Meridien Hotel --- Piccadilly Hotel
Leicester Arms PH, Glasshouse Street
Leicester Square --- STRA
Lisle Street
Livingstone, David (Statue) +
London Bombings Memorial
Lyric PH, Great Windmill Street
Madam Jojo's +
Maison Bertaux
Manor House, Soho Square
Marlborough Head PH, North Audley Street
Masons Arms PH, Maddox Street
Mayfair (Derivation)
Meard Street
Molly Moggs PH, Old Compton Street
Mount Street +
Nellie Dean PH, Dean Street
New Bond Street
Newburgh Street +
Neyte, Manor of
O Bar, Wardour Street
Old Coffee House PH, Beak Street
Old Compton Street
Oxford Street (Derivation) [COMM]
Oxford Street [COMM]
Oxford Street, 219
Para Diso
Park Lane
Patisserie Valerie
Peter Pan (Statue)
Piccadilly (Street)
Piccadilly Arcade
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Hotel
Pillars of Hercules PH, Greek Street
Pitt (Younger), William (Statue)
Poland Street
Poland Street - Mural
Poland Street - Shelley, Percy (Plaque) +
Polar Bear PH, Lisle Street
Porters' Rest
Princes Arcade
Punch Bowl PH, Farm Street
Quadrant Arcade
Queen's Head PH, Denman Street
Randall & Aubin
Red Lion PH, Great Windmill Street
Red Lion PH, Kingly Street
Red Lion PH, Waverton Street
Regent Street [COMM]
Richards (Soho) Ltd
Rippon Newsagent
Ritz Hotel
Romilly Street
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
Rose & Crown PH, Old Park Lane
Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Arcade
Royal College of Organists
Royal Geographical Society
Royal George PH, Charing Cross Road
Royal Institution
Royal Society
Running Footman PH, Charles Street
Running Horse PH, Davies Street
Rupert Street
Rupert Street Market +
S_t Anne, Soho
S_t Barnabas, House of
S_t George, Hanover Square
S_t James, Piccadilly
S_t James's & Soho Club
S_t James's Residences
S_t James's Tavern, Great Windmill Street
S_t Patrick Catholic Church, Soho Square
Samuel Pepys PH, Clarges Street
Serpentine Gallery
Serpentine, The
Shackleton, Ernest (Statue)
Shakespeare's Head PH, Great Marlborough Street
Shaston Arms PH, Ganton Street
Shepherd Market
Shepherd's Tavern, Hertford Street
Ship PH, Wardour Street
Silchester, Roman Road to - Picc
Silchester, Roman Road to [COMM]
Society of Antiquaries
Soho (Area)
Soho (Derivation)
Soho Market
Soho Parish School
Soho Square
South Audley Street
Spice of Life PH, Romilly Street
Spirit of Soho Mural
Spread Eagle PH, Woodstock Street
Star & Garter PH, Poland Street
Sun & 13 Cantons PH, Great Poultney Street
Three Greyhounds PH, Greek Street
Tottenham Court Road Crossrail Station +
Twentieth Century Fox
Valerie --- Patisserie Valerie
Vroom Vroom (Public Art) +i
Wardour Street
Wardour Street - Sheraton, Thomas (Plaque)
Warwick PH, Warwick Street
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Waxy O'Connors, Rupert Street
Waxy's Little Sister, Wardour Street
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of (Statue)
West End Street Synagogue
Westminster, London Borough of [COMM]
Westminster, Manor of [COMM]
Westminster, Metropolitan Borough of [COMM]
White Horse PH, Newburgh Street
White Horse PH, Rupert Street
Windmill PH, Mill Street
Windmill Theatre
Woodstock PH, Woodstock Street

Wes - Stjj

Angel Court, King Street, St James's
Arlington House
Army & Navy Club
Athenaeum Club, The
Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd
Blue Ball Yard
Boodle's Club
Bridgewater House
Brooks' Club
Brummell, Beau (Statue)
Buckingham House, St James's
Buckingham Palace
Carlton Club +i
Carlton Hotel
Carlton House
Carlton House Terrace
Chapel Royal, St James's Palace
Chatham House
Clarence House
Constitution Arch
Design Centre, Haymarket
Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, Queen (Statue)
Frederick Augustus, Duke of York (Statue)
George III (Statue)
George VI (Statue)
Golden Lion PH, King Stret, St James's
Green Park
Haymarket (Street)
Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket
Institute of Directors --- United Service Club
Jermyn Street
Lancaster House
Lobb, John
Lock, James and Co
London Library +
Mall, St James's, The
Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace
Marlborough House
Mounting Block --- Waterloo Place - Mounting Block
New Zealand House
New Zealand House - Views
Oxford & Cambridge University Club
Pall Mall
Paxton & Whitfield
Pickering Place
Queen's Chapel, Marlborough Gate
Queen's Gallery
Red Lion PH, Crown Passage, St James's
Reform Club
Rotunda, The, St James's Park
Royal Automobile Club
Royal Mews
Royal Opera Arcade
S_t James the Less Hospital
S_t James, Piccadilly --- 'PICC'
S_t James's Palace
S_t James's Park
S_t James's Place
S_t James's Square
S_t James's Street
S_t James's Theatre
Schomberg House
Spencer House
Stafford Hotel
Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Travellers' Club
United Service Club
Waterloo Place - Mounting Block +
Waterloo Place +i
Wellington Arch --- Constitution Arch
Westminster, Manor of [COMM]
White's Club
York, Duke of --- Frederick Augustus, Duke of York (Statue)

Wes - Stmm

All Saints, Margaret Street
All Souls, Langham Place
Baker Street
Baker Street Underground Station  +
Bentinck (Statue), William
Blow Up Bridge +
British Broadcasting Corporation, Langham Place
Bryanston Square
Cabmen's Shelter, Wellington Place
Cavendish Square
Christopher Place
City and Guilds of London Institute, Portland Place
Devonshire Place
Evans, D H
Eyre's Tunnel
Harley Street
Hertford House
Hinde Street
Holmes, Sherlock (Statue)
Horse at Water (Statue)
John Lewis
Langham Hotel
Lileston, Manor of
Lisson (Derivation)
London Planetarium
Lord's Cricket Ground
Maida Hill Tunnel
Manchester House --- Hertford house
Manchester Square
Marble Arch Horse (Statue) --- Horse at Water
Marble Arch, Hyde Park
Marylebone Gardens
Marylebone High Street
Marylebone Road
Marylebone Station +i
Middlesex Hospital, St Marylebone
New Road [COMM]
Old Quebec Street
Oldbury Place
Park Crescent
Portland Place
Portman Square
Regent Street [COMM]
Regent's Canal [COMM]
Regent's Canal, Regent's Park
Regent's Park [COMM]
S_t John's Wood (Derivation)
S_t Mary, St Marylebone (New Church)
S_t Mary, St Marylebone (Old Church)
S_t Marylebone (Derivation)
S_t Marylebone Town Hall
S_t Marylebone, Metropolitan Borough of
S_t Peter, Vere Street
Sherlock Holmes Museum
Silchester, Roman Road to - St Marylebone
Thayer Street
Tussaud's Waxworks, Madame
Tyburn (Derivation)
Tyburn Gallows
Tyburn Way
Tyburn, Manor of
Wallace Collection
Wallenberg, Raoul (Statue)
Watling Street (Roman Road) - St Marylebone +
Zoological Society Gardens

Wes - Stra

Acre Lane
Adam Street
Adelphi Theatre
Akeman Street [COMM]
Aldwych (Derivation)
Aldwych (Hotel), One
Aldwych (Street)
Arundel House
Arundel Street
Astor Estate Office
Australia House
Bath and Wells Inn
Bazalgette, Joseph (Bust) [WHIT]
Bedford House, Strand (North Side)
Bedford House, Strand (South Side) +
Besant, Walter (Bas Relief)
Bow Street
Bow Street Magistrates' Court
Bow Street Police Station
British Broadcasting Corporation, Savoy Hill
Brunel, Isambard (Statue) +i
Brydges Place
Buckingham House, Strand
Buckingham Street
Bull Inn Court, Strand
Bush House
Cabmen's Shelter, Northumberland Avenue
Cabmen's Shelter, Temple Place
Carlisle Inn
Carting Lane
Cavell, Edith (Memorial)
Cecil Hotel - Hotel Cecil
Cecil Hotel --- Hotel Cecil
Cecil House +
Chancery Lane [COMM]
Charing Cross Hospital, William VI Street, Strand
Charing Cross Hotel
Charing Cross Pier
Charing Cross Railway Bridge [COMM]
Charing Cross Road [COMM]
Charing Cross Station
Charles I (Statue)
Chester Inn
Civil Service Stores
Clare Market
Clement's Inn
Cleopatra's Needle
Coal Hole PH, Strand +i
Cock & Pie Ditch
Converts, House of +
Coutts Bank, Strand
Covent Garden
Covent Garden (Square)
Covent Garden Market
Craven Street
Cross's Menagerie
Devereux Court +i
Drury House
Drury Lane
Durham House
Durham House Street
Eleanor Cross, Charing Cross (Original)
Eleanor Cross, Charing Cross (Replica)
Eleanor Crosses [PERS]
Electric Telegraph Office, Strand
Electrical Engineers, Institute of
Embankment Place
English Electric House
Essex House
Essex Street
Essex Water Gate
Exchange Court
Exeter Change
Exeter House
Exeter Inn
Faraday, Michael (Statue)
Gaiety Theatre
George IV (Statue)
George PH, Strand
Gladstone, William (Statue)
Globe House
Golden Cross Inn, Charing Cross
Golden Jubilee Bridges [COMM]
Goodwin's Court
Grand Hotel, Northumberland Avenue
Great Newport Street
Hotel Cecil
Hotel Metropole
Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue
Howard Hotel
Hungerford Bridge [COMM]
Hungerford House +p
Hungerford Market
Ivy Bridge
John Adam Street
Johnson, Samuel (Statue)
King Street, Covent Garden
King's College Hospital, Strand
King's College, London
King's Mews, Charing Cross
Kingsway [COMM] +
Lamb & Flag PH
Leicester House, Leicester Square
Leicester House, Strand
Leicester Square
Llandaff Inn
Lloyd’s Bank, Law Courts Branch
Long Acre
Lower Robert Street
Lowther Arcade
Lyceum Theatre
Lyon's Inn
Lyons' Corner House, Strand
Marconi House
Master Mariners' Hall --- FLEE
Metropole Hotel --- Hotel Metropole
Milford Lane
Milford Lane Mill +
Morley's Hotel
National Gallery
National Portrait Gallery
Nell Gwynn PH --- Bull Inn Court
Nelson's Column
New Exchange
New Inn, Strand
Northumberland Avenue
Northumberland House, Strand
Norwich Inn
Of Alley --- Buckingham House, Strand
Old Curiosity Shop
Orion House
Paget House
Peter Robinson, Strand
Public Record Office +
Queen Mary (Ship)
Robert Street
Roman Bath, Strand Lane
Royal College of Physicians [COMM] +
Royal College of Surgeons +
Royal Courts of Justice, Strand
Royal Mews, Charing Cross --- King's Mews
Royal Opera House +
Royal Society of Arts
Rule's Restaurant
S_t Clement Danes
S_t Clement Danes C of E Primary School
S_t Martin in the Fields
S_t Martin's Lane
S_t Mary le Strand
S_t Mary Rounceval, Priory & Hospital of
S_t Paul, Covent Garden
Salisbury Court
Salisbury House
Savoy Hospital +
Savoy Hotel
Savoy Place
Savoy Theatre
Savoy, Palace of
Savoy, Queen's Chapel of
Shell Mex House
Sherlock Holmes PH, Northumberland Street
Silken Hotel, Aldwych
Simpson's Restaurant
Somerset House
Stanley Gibbons
Strand (Derivation)
Strand (Street) +i
Strand Boys' School, Strand +
Strand Bridge +i
Strand Cross +
Strand Inn
Strand Lane
Strand Maypole +
Strand Palace Hotel
Suffolk Place, Strand
Surrey Street
Temple Bar (New Site) [CAFA]
Temple Bar [COMM]
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square - Subway Mural
Twynings Tea House
Vaudeville Theatre
Victoria Embankment - at STRA
Victoria Embankment [COMM]
Victoria Embankment Gardens
Victoria Hotel --- Hotel Victoria
Villiers Street
Waldorf Hotel
Waterloo Bridge [COMM]
Waterloo River Police Station
West Strand
Westminster City Hall, Charing Cross  Road +p
Westminster, London Borough of [COMM] +
Westminster, Manor of [COMM] +
Westminster, Metropolitan Borough of [COMM] +
Wig & Pen Club
Wimbledon House, Strand +p
Worcester Inn, Strand
York Buildings Waterworks
York House, Strand
York Water Gate

Wes - West

Apsley House --- 'PICC'
Barton Street
Belgrave Place +i
Belgrave Square
Belgravia (Derivation)
Belgravia (Derivation) [LARGE]
Blue Boar's Head, King Street
Blue Coat School
Cabmen's Shelter, Grosvenor Gardens
Caxton Hall
Caxton Street
Central Hall, Westminster
Chapter House, Westminster Abbey
Chelsea Waterworks Company
Chester Row +i
Chester Square
Cockpit Steps
Columbus, Christopher (Statue) +i
Cowley Street
Crown Reach +i
Dean's Yard
Eaton Mews North +i
Eaton Square
Eaton Terrace +i
Ebury (Derivation)
Ebury Street +i
Eccleston Street
Eia, Manor of
Elizabeth Street +i
Gerald Road +i
Great College Street
Great Hall, Westminster
Grenadier PH, Wilton Place +i
Grey Coat School
Grosvenor Canal
Grosvenor Gardens +i
Grosvenor Road +
Grosvenor, Robert (Statue) +i
Henry the Navigator (Statue) +i
Horse Ferry, Lambeth [COMM]
Horseferry Road +i
Hyde Park Corner --- PICC
Jewel Tower, Westminster
Kinnerton Street
Lambeth Bridge [COMM]
Lanesborough Hotel
Lanesborough House
London Underground Headquarters
Lord North Street
Lowndes Place +i
Lyall Street +i
Mandela, Nelson (Statue) +i
Maundy Service
Middlesex Guildhall
Millbank (Street) +i
Millbank Millennium Pier +
Millbank Penitentiary
Millbank Tower
Millbank Tower - High Views (Internet)
New Scotland Yard
Pimlico (Derivation)
Queen Anne's Gate
Richard I (Statue)
S_t Ermin's Hotel
S_t George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner
S_t John, Smith Square
S_t Margaret, Westminster
Smith Square
Tate Gallery
Tate Pier
Thorney Island (Derivation)
Tothill (Derivation)
Tothill Street
Two Chairmen PH, Dartmouth Street
Vauxhall Bridge [COMM]
Victoria Railway Bridge [COMM]
Victoria Station
Victoria Street +i
Victoria Tower Gardens
Vincent Square +
Watling Street (Roman Road) [COMM]
Watling Street, Westminster
Westminster (Derivation)
Westminster +
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey - Edward the Confessor's Tomb
Westminster Bridge [COMM]
Westminster Cathedral
Westminster City Hall, Victoria Street
Westminster Hospital +p
Westminster School
Westminster, London Borough of [COMM]
Westminster, Manor of [COMM]
Westminster, Metropolitan Borough of [COMM]
Westminster, Palace of
Westminster, Palace of - Big Ben
Westminster, Palace of - Victoria Tower
Westminster, The City of
Wilton Place +i
Wool Staple, Westminster

Wes - Whit

Admiralty - Semaphore Telegraph
Admiralty - Shutter Telegraph
Admiralty Arch
Air Force Memorial +i
Banqueting House
Battle of Britain Memorial (Statue) +
Bazalgette, Joseph (Bust)
Boadicea (Statue)
Cabinet War Rooms +
Cenotaph, The
Charles I Procession
Defence, Ministry of +i
Dover House
Downing Street
Foreign Office
Government Offices
Great Scotland Yard
Gwydyr House
Henry VIII's Wine Cellar
Hispaniola (Ship) +i
Horse Guards
New Scotland Yard, Whitehall
Old Scotland Yard
Parliament Street, Westminster
Plimsoll, Samuel (Statue)
Portcullis House
Queen Mary's Steps
Scotland Yard --- Old Scotland Yard
Tattershall Castle (Ship) +
Tide Gauge +i
Victoria Embankment [COMM]
Victoria Embankment, Whitehall
War Office
Westminster, London Borough of [COMM] +
Westminster, Manor of [COMM] +
Westminster, Metropolitan Borough of [ COMM] +
Whitehall (Derivation)
Whitehall (Street)
Whitehall Palace
Whitehall Palace - Remains
Whitehall Theatre +i
Women's Memorial
York Place, Whitehall

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