London Boroughs
The whole of what we call 'Greater London' today is made up of 32 London Boroughs and the City of London. Of the 32 London Boroughs, 12 of them made up the original pre-1965 Metropolitan London and so they are now referred to as 'Inner London Boroughs'. The other 20 London Boroughs were added around the edge of Metropolitan London and they are now known as 'Outer London Boroughs'.
Map showing the Inner London Boroughs with some of the surrounding Outer London Boroughs (shown on a pale yellow background)

Key to Abbreviations:

Camden, London Borough of (CAM)
City of London (CIT)
Greenwich, London Borough of (GRE)
Hackney, London Borough (HAC)
Hammersmith & Fulham, London Borough of (HAM)
Islington, London Borough of (ISL)
Kensington & Chelsea (KEN)

Summary for each Inner London Borough:

Camden (CAM) was three Metropolitan Boroughs
Hampstead (HAMP)
Holborn (HOLB)
St Pancras (STPP)

City of London remained unchanged.

Greenwich (GRE) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Greenwich (GREE)
Woolwich (WOOL)

Hackney (HAC) was three Metropolitan Boroughs
Hackney (HACK)
Shoreditch (SHOR)
Stoke Newington (STOK)

Hammersmith & Fulham (HAM) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Fulham (FULH)
Hammersmith (HAMM)

Islington (ISL) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Finsbury (FINS)
Islington (ISLI)

Kensington & Chelsea (KEN) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Chelsea (CHEL)
Kensington (KENS)
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Lambeth (LAM) continued with its original borough. Two parts of
Wandsworth (WAND) were added to form the new London Borough
Lambeth (LAMB)
Clapham (CLAP) added from Wandsworth (WAND)
Streatham (STRE) added from Wandsworth (WAND)

Lewisham (LEW) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Deptford (DEPT)
Lewisham (LEWI)

Southwark (SOU) was three Metropolitan Boroughs
Bermondsey (BERM)
Camberwell (CAMB)
Southwark (SOUT)

Tower Hamlets (TOW) was three Metropolitan Boroughs
Bethnal Green (BETH)
Poplar (POPL)
Stepney (STEP)

Wandsworth (WAN) was two Metropolitan Boroughs
Battersea (BATT)
Wandsworth (WAND)

Westminster (WES) was three Metropolitan Boroughs
Paddington (PADD)
St Marylebone (STMM)
Westminster (WEST)
Micro Pics 01
Map showing the pre-1965 boundaries of the 28 Metropolitan Boroughs that went to make up today's Inner London Boroughs. Some of the names of the old Metropolitan Boroughs were adopted for the new names of the larger Inner London Boroughs.

PLEASE NOTE: The names of Inner London Boroughs haveTHREE-letter abbreviations. The names of the old Metropolitan Boroughs have FOUR-letter abbreviations.
Lambeth, London Borough of (LAM)
Lewisham, London Borough of (LEW)
Southwark, London Borough of (SOU)
Tower Hamlets, London Borough of (TOW)
Wandsworth, London Borough of (WAN)
Westminster, City of (WES)