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About the Group
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Members of the group on a walk around Regent's Park
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About the Author
Adrian Prockter was born in Forest Hill, in SE London. He has lived in the area all his life and he has worked in a lecturing capacity in most parts of London.

Adrian has been lecturing about London to adults for over 40 years. He has a detailed knowledge of the City of London and all the 12 Inner London boroughs. All his lectures are illustrated by slides and digital images he has taken himself.

A summary of some of the projects that Adrian has been involved in, related to the history of London, are described further down this page.a
Adrian is happy to give lectures to groups, as a visiting speaker. If you would like to discuss the lecture requirements for your group, please ask for further information.

An illustrated list of the lectures is available as a pdf brochure. You can download it here by clicking on the 'Download' button on the right of this page. Please look through it and see if something is of interest. If you have a request for a topic not shown in the brochure please get in touch. The brochure contains most of the available lectures but it may be possible to give a lecture on your chosen subject.
If you would like to get in touch regarding information about London or to enquire about availability for a talk or lecture, then please email Adrian on the email address on the right.
The Know Your London Group meet on location once a month for a Coffee Morning. We meet on a Tuesday morning and, after coffee, we have a walk around the area in which we meet (which is different on each occasion). Anyone who would like to join the group should contact Adrian Prockter using the above email address.
Since the 1970s Adrian has been giving weekly lectures at Adult Education Institutes all over Inner London when he ran a six-year course on the history of Inner London. The lectures have been scaled back of recent years but Adrian still gives lectures on an occasional basis and also conducts walks around the Cities of London and Westminster, as well as all the Inner London Boroughs.

From 1977 organised his own river trips on the Thames, giving conducted tours for his own students and for other interested groups of people. Working on the chartered boats, he learned a considerable amount about the Thames from the skippers of those vessels.

During the 1980s and 1990s Adrian worked freelance for the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) as history adviser. Among many other assignments that he worked on, he oversaw the wording and historical accuracy of the large round black plaques to be found all over the Surrey Docks area.

Adrian has been invited to put on large format slide-shows at the Museum of London, giving historical presentations. They have included the history of Bankside, in Southwark; the history of the River Thames in Inner London; and a history of Forest Hill and Sydenham.

In addition to his many on-line publications, Adrian is also the author of the 'A-Z of Elizabethan London' – an index to the very first complete map of Central London which dates from about 1561. Published as an A4-size book, it is published jointly by the Guildhall Library and the London Topographical Society.
Micro Pics Forest Hill
Forest Hill & Sydenham (Left to Right):
  St Bartholomew, Sydenham
  Kirkdale - Weatherboarded houses
  Devonshire Road - Victorian post-box
  Sydenham Hill - Initials on a house
  St George, Catford - Weather-vane
  Kirkdale - Eliot Lodge
  Honor Oak Road - Ashberry Cottage
  Westwood Hill - Shackleton plaque
  Christ Church, Forest Hill