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Welcome to the Website . . .
If you are interested in London and want to find out all about its history then you need look no further than these pages !

Only a few Websites provide reliable information about London's history. You have just found one where the author has carried out extensive research to make sure that all the facts are correct – and, hopefully, they are interesting as well.

Not all the information is stored on this Website. Read further down the page to find out about the large amount of facts relating to Inner London that are available to you. It has all been written by the author after making sure all the information can be relied on.
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If you are interested in finding out about London, there is my blogging Website which presents three new stories every week. It is hosted on a Wordpress Website, so just click on the link below and you will be taken straight to the latest blog. It covers many aspects of Inner London, you are sure to find something that interest you.

If you would like to be alerted when a new blog appears then just click 'Follow' at the bottom of the Wordpress page and submit your email address. You will then be notified each time a new blog appears. It is entirely free and you can cancel at any time.
The information in the blogs – of over 200 articles – is free and you are welcome to read through all of it. Some of the articles mention PDF documents that can be downloaded by 'subscription members'. Everyone likes to hear about London's history but nobody wants to pay for it. So, the dilemma is that if nobody is willing to pay the author for all his time spent researching the material, why should everything be free. As has often been said 'You get what you pay for' – in other words if it is free, do not expect perfection.

The author of this Website is fortunate in having people keen enough to learn about London that they recognise that paying a small fee will help fund the research and all the additional costs (like paying the rental on this Website).

If you would like to receive these PDF documents about London (at least 12 each year from September of one year to August of the next) then it will cost you just £20.00 per year for all that original material. To 'sign up' please contact the author through the email address shown below.
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